Props Halo 4 Br and Ar (WIP)


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Well first, I didn’t even realize I reached Infantryman kinda stoked that I can post here. Back to the topic tho, been a while since I had some free time altho my energy sword project has been neglected since the Mc build im back to building.

I started with wanting to build the BR from halo4 and used the slice files but haven’t gotten to far because well I can’t take that to work so here’s where that sits as of now.

Second, the assault rifle from I think ODST. I have never used the pep files other than a starting point and eyeballed the rest but I have cut everything out and been super gluing like crazy at work and here’s what I got so far.

Any tips on the whole peping the AR would be great, other then that let me know what you think.


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These look really cool. I have never pepped a weapon, but from what I've read, its quite similar to armor, minus the fiberglass sheets. Subbed to keep up with your progress.


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It's looking really good so far. I kind of gave up on pepping weapons because the cardboard method seems to be a better idea. The only advice I could give at pepping weapons would be to make sure you put in supports before you close it all off. Keep us updated!


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Well small update, also I have a new found respect for those who do every single small piece.

This edge sucks and took forever to round...also i had to reprint it and do the right side over agin since i super glued my finger to the paper.

That’s all I have so far today but I have another 6 hours of "work" or what they think they are paying me for.


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Update Time:

AR is most of the way peped, now I have to fiberglass and add all the extras.

Update on the halo4 Br: Got alot of foam work done,just a few more finishing touches. Now on to the dremeling and detailing.
Have most of the outside detailing done here.

Starting to wrap the outside

Much better looking

Need to do something for the trigger.

Looking good for foam.



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Ok so got alittle busy this weekend and didnt have too much time to work on much. I did pick up fiberglass and a few other things and been working on another project I deceided to start, the gravity hammer. Heres what I got so far.