Halo 5 Players Needed for Map Testing

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Hey everyone,

I'm working on a new map in forge and need some people to help me test it! I am planning on opening up the lobby at 3pm Central time tomorrow for Alpha testing. The map is called "Sacellum" which essentially is Latin for a shrine open to the sky. Currently, the map is set up to support 4v4 Slayer, Strongholds, and CTF. The "art" is not started, only the basic layout, because I want to test the functionality of the map as a map before I waste time making it look pretty. Here is a general description.

Sacellum is a Forerunner styled map set in the Glacial mountains of an unnamed Halo Ring. This functionally symmetrical map features a floating ring of power weapons hovering over a large central chasm surrounded by a dual-level hallway. The Ring is accessible by a gravity lift at the bottom of the map, but leaves you very open to danger. Two safe guarded spawn areas are located on opposite sides of the pit, with gravity lifts to reach the upper level. Sacellum features fully functional Lightbridges to access the central gravity lift, complete with a disable-able power source, functioning auto-cover (Like in the campaign) and moving Forerunner pieces, and interchangeable platforms to access the Ring easier, at the cost of additional cover for your team. Power weapons include an Energy Sword, Sniper Rifle, SPNKr Rocket Launcher, and Incineration Cannon. Regular weapons on the map include the Boltshot, Suppressor, LightRifle, Scattershot, and Pulse Grenades, located throughout the halls in Campaign-style weapon caches.

I need at least 5-7 players, but if more want to play we can set up a round robin tournament style rotation so everyone can play. I want to start with Slayer, but we can/will have to test the other gamemodes as well. If you are interested in helping me out, send my Live account a message. My gamertag is the same as on here, murishani047.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to this!

I can't play because I don't have an xbox one, but if you want people to join it's a good Idea to PM people or start a conversation with multiple people. not everyone will join unless asked personally. just a tip. :)

when I ask people directly, I usually get 3x as many people, even if there's only 3 people joining.

another thing you can do is mention people. Hope you get a lot of people to join!
There is an Xbox one club with 405th members. You might try linking up with them.
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