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Halo 5 Spartan Helljumper (Buck) - Pepakura/Paper Build

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Gralt, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Hello all! So I'm starting this new thread as I tried a foam build and while I had some success, it wasn't what I expected. So I opted to go back what I know, which is paper builds. From there i'll reinforce it with fiberglass and resin as this will allow for the detail that my OCD demands when it comes to models and such. So here is the progress on the chest file layout.

    Paper 1.jpg
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  2. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Well here is the first prototype to get an idea of size. After building this version I'm going back to the original model and simplifying it a bit. Should be able to clean it up a bit more and make a simpler build without detracting from the look.
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  3. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    So after the first prototype build, I got to thinking about better ways to get details. So I went back to the original models and started tinkering. In the end I found a way to keep my OCD happy. I know there is a name for this methodology so if someone knows it, speak up lol. Essentially I'm taking detail pieces and breaking them off to their own piece so that the general build can go faster.
    From left to right:
    Original model, cleaned up model, detached details, details on their own.
    Cleanup 1.jpg Cleanup 2.jpg Cleanup 3.jpg Cleanup 4.jpg

    Going to be doing this to all the models which should help cut down build time!
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  4. vivalablake89


    I was wondering if I should add those little guys that line the neck, once again you have pushed my motivation levels to "maximum effort" Looks great by the way, cant wait to see that torso complete!
  5. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Thanks! I've been cleaning a lot more details off the base back piece. Once I'm done doing that I'm going to go back over the model and see about cleaning up lines and such. I've already been able to clean up quite a few lines and make it simpler/easier to build, without detracting from the look of it. Will make life tons easier going to paper or foam :D
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  6. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    And finally the chest is done! For the...well I've lost count. So I'm just calling this V2 since its the second chest layout, and I'm pretty sure FINAL layout that I will take to prototype! I'm so very glad I decided to go over it with a fine tooth comb because there were object collisions that I completely missed in my earlier versions! I will upload the model file to my mediafire account. For those that are interested here is the link. Helljumper Armor I will also put up the PDO files once I have them laid out.

    View attachment 34323


    Attached Files:

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  7. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    You know, I'm just going to stop talking about how many times I'm going to redo this and just accept that I may never finish making it perfect! lol. But I also wanted to let everyone know, that I thought about it and not everyone uses Metasequoia for their model editing. So once my product license goes thru, I will be exporting my model files to OBJ to help with others that may want to start off with base models. So stay tuned!

    I will be uploading the latest version of my chest build to my mediafire, then starting over with the breakdown in Pep because I found even more stuff to fix.

    Cheers and hope that everyone has a great weekend!
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  8. StayFrosty


    I just started building my helljumper helmet today, and though I plan on keeping it only as a helmet, I might change my mind later and take you up on those files!
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  9. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Ok well the name of the game is revisions. However I'm pretty sure I am now getting close to being able to complete a layout without finding another bug lol. I also have exported the model files to OBJ so anyone can grab them and do whatever they want :)

    Here is the link to the parent archive. Helljumper files

    Working on the layout of the chest again and hope to finish in a few days, then on to simplifying the other pieces to build!

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  10. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    And without further delay, the completed chest layout!

    Helljumper V2 Completed.jpg

    I have uploaded it to the V2 folder under PDO files in my mediafire. See earlier posts for the link! I have also uploaded the simplified version that this is built on.as well. It is located under model files, V2 as well.

    Now on to others which should be quick consider they are much less complicated.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas!
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  11. StayFrosty


    That pep file looks great Gralt! It looks super detailed and hard to build, but great.
  12. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Thanks StayFrosty! I'm hoping the build will look as great as the rendering so that it will quell my OCD. So over the last few days, and thanks to the awesomeness that is CommanderPalmer, I was able to take her Combat Knife, from Halo 5, and size it to fit sheath from the original model export of the Helljumper armor. As you can see below.
    View attachment 34466
    However, I found that it was only the hilt and sheath.

    So now here is a complete build of the knife, and sheath for all to use and enjoy!
    Knife 1.jpg Knife 2.jpg

    As usual the PDO and OBJ files have been uploaded to my mediafire.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays all!
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  13. Camjay


    Looking good so far! I can't wait to see how thing progresses!

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  14. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Thanks Camjay! So after talking to Chernobyl, the god of source files, I now have all the pieces I need for the undersuit! Vivablake89 has done some fantastic things with some base templates that I was able to do, but these model files will allow for drastically better detail, and accuracy. Also provides the neck piece to match the helmet, so should be awesome!
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  15. vivalablake89


    Killing it as usual, yet again I must tip my hat to you sir, these are amazing! Can't wait to get to work on these, I just hope I don't disappoint.
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  16. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    OK so finally finished up the forearm layout. Again have a few ideas and have noted them in the build file. As always the files have been uploaded to my mediafire account.
    Left Forearm.jpg
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  17. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Oh, also forgot to mention that I purchased a Silhouette Cameo 3. One way or another this should be able to cut out my patters, saving me tons of time, and cramping of the fingers! Once I get a successful export done i'll be sure to post the results!
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  18. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    And the shoulder is done! Since getting the chest and forearm out of the way, these are going by much faster!

    I'm hoping I can start going to prototype soon on all of these pieces.

    I also tested out the Cameo printer today and I gotta say HOT DAMN! That thing is going to save soo much time! Wish it could more than one page at a time, but oh well! Still saves me from cramped fingers!

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  19. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Whoof, this piece was fun! One step closer to sizing and prototyping...YAY!
    Anyway, I bring you the shin pieces.

    Now on to the thighs, then the undersuit pieces.

  20. CommanderPalmer


    Gralt, you're amazing! You're unfolding these so fast, hard to keep up.
    As for the shin, don't you rather think it would be better to use a real military-styled pouch instead of pepakura?
    It would look more real, but it would also be more practical - you could carry something in there.
    Just a suggestion.

    - Palmer
  21. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Oh I completely agree and that is what I intend on doing :D I've already looked and found several very promising grenade pouches for this specific purpose. I just left those in there so others can see where they are placed, and also, if someone really wanted to get creative, they could be used as templates for making their own pouches if they wanted too.

    Either way, anyone who wants the files will have the option to explore whatever they want :D
  22. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Hello all! Has been a while. Gotta love life and all that. So I have completed the layout on the thigh pieces and I'm working on getting all the exports and such uploaded to my mediafire account. Also working on getting my profile updated so I can just have everyone look there. Figure its easier :D

    Anywho, down to tax of brass...

    All that remains is to setup an unfold of the underarmor and I can go to prototyping full time! :D

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  23. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    I know good Unfolds when I see one! Excellent work Gralt! Although there is one more thing I would do for your unfolds. Set the threshold down to 165, that way it removes unnecessary fold lines. By removing them, saves more time on assembling the paper models.:)
  24. MrBananaMC

    MrBananaMC New Member

    Might use your files to make a Halloween costume (never too old for trick or treating). You will probably have the rest done by then, and it will make a sick build. As everyone else said, really good work on the unfolds. Have never seen such good quality (but maybe I just haven't looked through archives enough).

    Good luck on unfolding the rest!
  25. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Thanks guys, that means a lot! SavedbyGraceG12, i'll try that when I go to start working on them, thanks!

    I keep having to remember, baby steps. So while I have this prepped and ready to lay out, I need to get the armor built first before worrying about these details. So I'm going to shelve them for later. However I still wanted to show that I have the file for those that want it. I have provided a copy to Vivalablake89 as his build is all foam, and the armor itself is almost complete so he is much closer to these pieces than I will be for a while.

    Without further adieu I present the undersuit pieces :D (Not unfolded, but cleaned up)

    Also, a HUGE shoutout to Chernobyl, for without this genius at model extraction, none of this would have been possible!
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