Halo 5 Spartan Helljumper (Buck) - Pepakura/Paper Build

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Gralt, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. vivalablake89


    I really need to finish all My other stuff laying on my work desk, But I want to start working on this immediately :cry:!!!! Ahh decisions decisions... All I know is from just opening the file this morning it looks Amazing and cant wait to start unfolding and getting to work on this ;)(y). Thanks again brother for all the amazing work!
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  2. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    You are more than welcome! :D
  3. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Hello all! Sorry its been a bit since my last update. I finally and I mean FINALLY, finished all of my layouts....in 8 1/2 x 11. Hahaha

    I purchased a Cameo 3 craft printer to help and did some test prints to make sure that scales match the pepakura output and yay they do! However after said testing decided I should take full advantage of its 12x12 cutting area instead of just letter size. Sadly I couldn't find the 12x12 110lb cardstock locally so I had to order it online. Will be at least a week before it arrives. In the meantime, I get to go back thru all my existing layouts and change them to 12x12. Cest la vie!

    Anyway, as soon as I start getting things cranked out I will start providing progress pics. Until then, cheers!
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  4. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Whoof...life sometimes. Anyway, I'm not dead and I finally have some progress! After finally receiving my shipment of 12x12 and doing some testing to get alignment issues out of the way, I have finally started printing out my cuts! Now that the settings are correct and I can score fold lines and have this thing cut for me, it was WELL WORTH the $300!
    Cameo 1.jpg Cameo 2.jpg

    Once all of my pages are printed out assembly should proceed rather quickly considering that I no longer have to use a ruler and razor blade to score the folds by hand! I can't want to get started!

  5. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Sometimes I hate how busy my life is and just want to tell people to leave me alone so I can focus on hobbies. (steps off soapbox)
    Anyway, I finally have some progress to show and how some of my shortcuts will work.
    Chestplate 1.jpg Chestplate 2.jpg
    This is the front part of the chestplate. To give the build a bit more strength while it is in paper, I backed it with some dense cardboard. Should make handling it a lot easier.

    Collar 1.jpg Collar 2.jpg
    Next is the lower collar piece. As I am lazy and look for shortcuts I backed this one with cardboard to give me the depth. As this will all be gone over with fiberglass and resin, it doesn't really matter.
    But this makes it so I don't have to build and fold the very small in-between piece. :D

    Anyway, I hope to finally start building the chest and i'll be sure to post more pics here.

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  6. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Well it isn't much, but I've finally managed to get more done on the chest. Hoping to make some serious progress over the next week. But time will tell lol.
    Chest 1.jpg
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  7. StayFrosty


    Interesting. I don't think I've ever seen someone back pep work with cardboard. It does seem like a good idea structurally, though, wherever you can do it.
  8. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Thanks! And for this chest it has made a huge difference in being able to handle it while I build it. I'm attaching the next piece and i'll post a pic soon to demo how else using cardboard here and there can save time and strain.
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  9. vivalablake89


    Wow this has got me very interested. Can't wait to see the finished product of this with the cardboard components. I don't think I've ever seen this method used before, for some reason sounds like it will make pepakura a lot less strenuous then it usually is.

    I'm so glad I finally finished the bulk of me and my wife's Halo reach stuff, which means I can get back to Buck as well. And you have given me the perfect amount of inspiration to get back in the saddle lol
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  10. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Ok so here is what I wanted to show as far as proof of concept for using cardboard for some pieces. The last image shows the piece as it is on the model. By tracing it over and then a little patience, can make it 3d and a lot more sturdy than building the in between piece with all of the micro folds and flaps.
    Chestplate 3.jpg Chestplate 4.jpg Chestplate 5.jpg

    What do you all think? :)
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  11. mblackwell1002


    man, this is a lifesaver...the only concern of mine is the way the chin-guard cardboard piece doesn't line up properly with the rest of the pep, but it's too early to tell.
    excellent pep work, Gralt!
  12. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Yeah as far as alignment, once it is completely glued it, it should sit flush. On the pepakura, the cardboard piece actually goes thru the plate behind it by just a smidge. The chin card itself is only secured by center flap so far to get an idea of how it will work. That and I haven't finished building its back yet either.

    And thank you very much! mblackwell1002 :D
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  13. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Progress!! Finally lol.
    Chestplate 7.jpg Chestplate 8.jpg Chestplate 9.jpg

    So in my eagerness to get started I kind of piled all the pieces together. Yeah that was a mistake. Progress was so freaking slow as I spent more time searching for parts than building. So I broke down and re-org'd all the pieces so I could find them and gee, I got something done!

    Anywhooo back to work!
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  14. mblackwell1002


    a tiny bit of work is still a bit of work! sheesh, gralt, you're slower than me! ;)
    lol, nice pep.
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  15. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Ok so finally finished up the color piece. The pics are kind of hard to make out, but as you can see using the cardboard allows you to build without the small in between piece! Yay! I will say this, the more dense cardboard you can find the better. What I used was the most dense I could find, but the more the better as it will shape easier. Collar 3.jpg Collar 4.jpg Collar 5.jpg
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  16. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    So a further spot of progress and again another "joining of methods" :) So again, because I'm lazy, for the part of this armor where there is a sunk in part, I REALLY don't want to build the small riser piece. Did it on the prototype, and it was a pain and I didn't like the result. So, using a foam process makes this ridiculously easier! So I'll make a second one and use some contact cement to attach them behind the armor. Of course, after I finish the behind pieces of the front chest :)
    Chest Sink 1.jpg Chest Sink 2.jpg
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  17. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Hey all! So gotta love work when it keeps you busy after hours. (About as much as chicken pox!) Anyway, I've made some decent progress but just haven't had time to post it. So here it is!

    Nearly Finished Chest Plate:
    Chestplate 10.jpg Chestplate 11.jpg Chestplate 12.jpg

    Hybrid Method foam pieces from last post finally mounted:
    Chestplate 13.jpg Chestplate 14.jpg Chestplate 15.jpg

    Inserts installed and glued:
    Chestplate 16.jpg Chestplate 17.jpg Chestplate 18.jpg Chestplate 19.jpg

    And finally, the completed Chestplate: (Minus details to be installed later)
    Chestplate 20.jpg Chestplate 21.jpg Chestplate 22.jpg Chestplate 23.jpg
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  18. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Also started work on the Dorsal Section of the chest as well.
    Dorsal Chestplate 1.jpg Dorsal Chestplate 2.jpg
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  19. StayFrosty


    Damn, that chestpiece looks great!
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  20. eric draven

    eric draven New Member

    Wow that is coming along great. Cant wait to see the end game. Keep up the great work
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  21. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    More updates!

    Dorsal Chestplate 3.jpg Dorsal Chestplate 4.jpg Dorsal Chestplate 5.jpg Dorsal Chestplate 6.jpg Dorsal Chestplate 7.jpg Dorsal Chestplate 8.jpg Dorsal Chestplate 9.jpg Dorsal Chestplate 10.jpg Dorsal Chestplate 11.jpg Dorsal Chestplate 12.jpg

    I'm sincerely hoping that it won't be too small as I will not relish starting over. But once I have both sides done I should have a better idea.

    Fingers crossed!
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  22. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Well after a bit more building, I found that the scale was too small. Was hoping I was wrong, but cest la vi! However as it was also my first prototype build it allowed me simplify the build even more so that I don't tear my hear out, because there were some parts that took the better part of an hour to put together. With v3, it will be a much faster build. As soon as I have some screenshots i'll post there here.

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  23. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Bummer man. Ya I've been there sucks to have to start a piece over due to scaling errors. It's tough all armors are different and I find it to be more trial and error then an actual science.
  24. Rec0n

    Rec0n New Member

    Awesome build Gralt! Was looking to start a helljumper build but foam wasn't my thing as I'm more comfortable w/ paper and allows for more detail if your willing to put in the work. Will be watching while building closely. Great Work!
  25. Dirtdives


    The only good thing about getting the scale wrong......when you have to re-do the piece, you kind of know where all the pieces go. Think of it as a practice piece. Great job so far .....
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