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Halo 5 Spartan Helljumper (Buck) - Pepakura/Paper Build

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Gralt, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Voren Marr

    Voren Marr

    Outstanding skill there my friend. Can't wait to see more.....
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  2. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Thanks Voren Marr! And sorry for the lack of updates. I have been working on some new pieces just haven't had a chance to post. Plus trying to print out the bridge piece to the dorsal chest plate, but having issues with it printing out as it should. I hope to post some pictures later today, but as with anything we'll see! :D

    Oh and is anyone else having issues with their alerts showing? I used to get a little red number on my name showing the content that I followed or if I had new comments, but it doesn't seem to be working right now. Is that just me?

  3. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Ok so found out I have a bad X-axis motor on the extruder(print head) of my 3d printer and waiting for a replacement. In the meantime I've started working on some of the other details for the dorsal chest plate.
    Dorsal Chest Details 1.jpg Dorsal Chest Details 2.jpg

  4. Voren Marr

    Voren Marr

    Great work again my friend. 3D printing is definitely on my top things to learn.

    I'm seeing the same sometimes on the alert side of things.
  5. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posts, life and all getting in the way. I have been able to make some progress on the build, just not as much as I would like, but cest la vi! Anyway, some more pics to enjoy!
    Spine details 1.jpg Spine details 2.jpg Spine details 3.jpg Spine details 4.jpg Spine details 5.jpg
    It may be hard to see in the pics, but essentially I joined the pieces by boring small holes and forcing toothpics thru. Then once I was sure I had placement correct, I dipped them in cement and ran them thru one more time, then dabbed them with a bit more to make sure they wouldn't move around. All in all it will be a very sturdy piece when it goes to resin/fiberglass.

    In the interim I finally got my replacement X-Axis motor and was able to print out my dorsal chest bridge and it looks amazing! So much better than I had anticipated and freakishly strong! For those interested, I used ABS-R (Micro3d) filament. I have included a snapshot of what it is on the model so you can get an idea.
    Dorsal Chest bridge 3d print 1.jpg Dorsal Chest bridge 3d print 2.jpg Dorsal Chest bridge 3d model.jpg

    The piece has been filled in approximately 80% but is very strong. I plan on running a bolt thru it and using a lock nut with washers on either side to bring the whole thing together. Then the completed assembly will undergo resin/fiberglass as one to further increase strength. Hoping that it means I won't have to fix it anytime in the near future! haha.

    Anyhow, cheers all and for those in the U.S., have a happy 4th of July!
  6. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Aaand the next piece hot off the printer.
    Dorsal Cross Bar 1.jpg Dorsal Cross Bar 2.jpg
  7. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Ok so lack of updates = me being lazy and not posting progress lol. But I have made some! Sadly my 3d printer is on the fritz again, this time with a bad Y-Axis motor >.< I would recommend STAYING AWAY from the Micro3d series printers. That is what I have and already have had to replace both motors and haven't even gotten 10 successful print projects out of it. It is under warranty, but I'm not optimistic that replacing this motor will let it work for very long.

    Anyway, on to progress.
    Upper Dorsal Plate 3d Printout.jpg Lower Interior Dorsal Plate 1.jpg Lower Interior Dorsal Plate 2.jpg Lower Interior Dorsal Plate 3.jpg Lower Interior Dorsal Plate 4.jpg Lower Interior Dorsal Plate 5.jpg Lower Interior Dorsal Plate 6.jpg

    The pics may be hard to see, but the first one was the last good print I got off my 3d printer. The next are paper/foam because I'm lazy and hate building sunk sections in paper. I used the same method on part of the front chest plate a while back and have been quite happy with the results.

    Only a few more major pieces for the chest remain, then I can FINALLY move on to the shoulders!
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  8. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    I'm very intrigued by your use of foam, paper and 3d print. Just thought I'd chime in and say hi. I've been watching you for awhile now. Good luck with the printer issue. Your chest is coming along great!
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  9. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Thanks PerniciousDuke! Yeah I'm having to RMA it for repair or possibly replacement. We'll see. One way or another I may just bite the bullet and invest in one of these bad boys; Prusa I3. Considering how many clones exist of this original model, and most of my research pointing to this being the gold standard, I figure it would be a safe bet.

    Anyway, on to more progress!

    Shoulder 1.jpg Shoulder 2.jpg Shoulder 3.jpg Shoulder 4.jpg Shoulders Complete.jpg

    Both shoulders are finished and just need details. Most of them will be 3d printed. Right now I'm trying to focus on the primary builds and worry about details later. Plus I need to go back to the model and separate out the hinge so I can design a real hinge for these so that the lower part will actually have some range of motion to offer.

    Right now I'm working on updating the layout for my forearm pieces as the last size was too small.

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  10. HeroMinerR5


    Look great keep working on it
  11. Kat

    Kat Jr Member

    Wow this is all super amazing XD I feel that I'm only scratching the surface to making my Kat cosplay XD Gralt What 3d program did you use to design all this?
  12. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Hey all! Sorry for lack of responses/posts of late. Work+life crazy+more 3d work = Slow progress lol. I found that some pieces needed more cleanup, and they never made it in to Pep. Soooooo I'm having to clean them up, and lay them out. Ahh, the tedium continues!

    Kat, as for the program I use is Metasequoia 4. It is what I learned on, because as I got in to 3d modeling for Pepakura it was stated that files from this app have the most compatibility with Pepakura Designer. I have been quite happy with it and it has a free version that does most everything you need for basic 3d file editing and can read most formats out there. Standard paid version is only 60, and you can pay a lot more if you want the Advanced license, but the Standard does everything I need. :)

    Also guys, thank you all for the great words of encouragement! It is awesome to have a forum like this to be able to share this adventure on!

    Anyway, I am nearly finished with the Pepakura layouts of my other pieces and can get back to building soon. My 3d printer went pear shaped, and I had to RMA it. Hoping to get it back soon, but not incredibly optimistic. Even if I do get it back I am likely to replace it. As always I'll be sure to post it here.

    Cheers and keep building! :D
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  13. Gralt

    Gralt Member


    Well M3d (aka PrintM3D) decided to just send me another printer. I'm thinking mine was a lemon considering that I had replaced 2/3 axis motors and had constant calibration issues. I just hope this one holds up. If not then I get to knuckle down and buy a real Prusa 3d printer. Anyway, on to the progress!

    Dorsal Center Cap
    Dorsal Center Cap 1.jpg Dorsal Center Cap 2.jpg Dorsal Center Cap 3.jpg

    It fits perfectly! Now for a little dremmel work on the back end to cut out a small piece and it will be as it is on the actual model.
    Dorsal Center Cap 4.jpg Dorsal Center Cap 5.jpg
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  14. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    And more printed out parts! I went back and redesigned the latches for a bit more authenticity and detail. A little dremmel work and they will look really good!
    Latches 1.jpg Latches 2.jpg

    Should have the shins laid out soon! :)
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2017
  15. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    And finally done with the Shin layout, and have the first page cut. Man alive I love this cameo printer!
    For the two pouches I'm going to grab a couple of grenade pouches. I found some at a local army/camping store that will be perfect when the time comes.
    Cutout 1st page.jpg Pep Build.jpg
  16. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Hellooooo in HaloLand! Been a while since i've been able to post actual progress so here it is!
    Right Shin 1.jpg
    First part of the Right Shin armor. I usually do left first, out of habit, but the right shin had the pouches, so started there because its easier to mirror and just leave them off.

    Anyway, more to come!
  17. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Got a little more done tonight. Sadly it may be too big >.< But i'm holding full judgement until the main piece is finished.
    Right Shin 2.jpg
  18. Dirtdives


    You never know until you've tried it on.....Looks good so far.
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  19. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    True, and sadly my suspicion was correct it is way too big. So much for having my scaling correct. However it would be a great fit for Andrea the Giant, and at least gives me a frame of reference for re-scaling. So back to the Pepakura board!
  20. Koentju2

    Koentju2 New Member

    I absolutely love these files, and I have to say it's awesome seeing your progression on them like this.

    And now you have me doubting whether to pick my halo 4 ODST build back up or to wait it out and nab these files when you have them ready.
  21. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    You are more than welcome to the files I have. They are a bit customized to my needs because some parts i build from Pep, others I'm 3d printing after some detailing and redesigning.

    Once i'm done with the proptotype builds I will definitely update them all in my cloud account and share the links! :D


    So i sized it down, built at least the upper cuff and forward plate of the shin aand it was too small. -.- Sometimes pepakura is so infuriating when it comes to sizing.

    Anyway, I'll post some photos once i start the next proto build.

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  22. HeroMinerR5


    You made have to just the paper and printer setting in the pepakura, because and it will rescale it if the object are big on the paper. I did have the same problem with the scaling. Just trying to help out;)
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  23. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Hey all! Sorry for the absence, life and all that. But that absence hasn't been without progress so get ready for LOTS OF PICTURES! One more part to complete and i'll post those pics as well, then a final one with all pieces mocked up, save the side pouches.

  24. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Part 1:

    Right Shin 3.jpg Right Shin 4.jpg Right Shin 5.jpg Right Shin 6.jpg Right Shin 7.jpg Right Shin 8.jpg Right Shin 9.jpg Right Shin 10.jpg Right Shin 11.jpg Right Shin 12.jpg Right Shin 13.jpg Right Shin 14.jpg
  25. Gralt

    Gralt Member

    Part 2:

    Right Shin Detail 1.jpg Right Shin Detail 2.jpg Right Shin Detail 3.jpg Right Shin Detail 4.jpg Right Shin Detail 5.jpg Right Shin Detail 6.jpg Right Shin Detail 7.jpg Right Shin Detail 8.jpg Right Shin Detail 9.jpg Right Shin Detail 10.jpg

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