Halo and Destiny Composer Martin O’Donnell Fired by Bungie

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rainbow dash

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So last week Bungie fired long term composer Martin O'Donnell (without cause according to O'Donnel) While we don't know what really happend, it doens't look like anybody saw this coming. No word on how this will affect Destiny’s soundtrack, but I think his work was already completed. But this also means he could be hired by 343 Industries and compose future Halo soundtracks. How do you guys feel about the whole situation?


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For me, O'Donnell will always be associated with the Halo franchise. With Bungie letting him go, I hope 343 picks him up to work on the future Halo projects. While I liked Neil Davidge's composed material in Halo 4, the soundtrack, the way it was implemented in the game by 343, didn't quite feel like a Halo game (in my opinion).

Connor Xfor

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When I heard that O'Donnell was no longer with Bungie, my first thought was that 343 should snap him up. He has amazing talent in creating such amazing tunes, an example of this being that he thought up the main theme to Halo in his car on the way to work. I mean, 343 would be idiotic to not at least consider approaching him, if they don't make a move soon, another developer will grab him. I mean, don't get me wrong, I still loved Halo 4's sound track, but it lacked a certain something. Plus, when he says "without cause", I assume that he means that it wasn't a lowering in the standard of his work which lead to his dismissal, but some other factor.


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Oh well, Bungie's loss.

I agree you on the Halo 4 OST. Some parts lack the flair that Marty O'Donnell had. Still, if 343 hires him, then the soundtrack for the next Halo could be great, especially if Neil Davidge and O'Donnell work together.
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