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The bulk of the forearms are now done! Still a bit of seam work and heat forming to be done, but that'll come later with refinement. It doesn't look very detailed, like the rest of the pieces, because most of the detail will be in the painting.




For the buckles, I've made them solid by backing them with black worbla. It doesn't seem like anything needs to be thread through them, so I don't have to make a hole.

I've added just a little bit of detail to the back of the elbow which was not part of the original model. This is just to clean up the end a bit. I'll clean it up further with some foam clay (you can see it's quite messy).

Also, has anyone ever noticed the chest of the marines in-game? No wonder it was a bit tricky to get the pattern right, because the human model was deformed to make the chest plate work! You can see how the chest was stretched out and made into a box-shape to fit the armour.


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I guess I just can't leave this project alone. Here are a few shots of what I've done since the last update:


Shoulder guards and bracers:

Chestplate, thigh and hip guards:

Still a lot of work to be done, but since it has to be done, I know it will. Just maybe while con-crunching.


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Don't suppose anyone knows of or has any templates for the armour of the Combat Evolved marine? It's just taking a while to make all of 'em.


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Don't suppose anyone knows of or has any templates for the armour of the Combat Evolved marine? It's just taking a while to make all of 'em.
If you're looking for Combat Evolved Anniversary there's a whole whack of resources here in the Bucket to Boots thread.

If you're looking for the original style there is a PDO version in The Armory, it's a little blocky but that's kind of expected with the source material :p


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I've actually been using both of those resources, and the two are quite helpful - but still, thanks for taking the time to reply!

I've managed to find a couple of new ways to view the marine models to help with patterns. The first is here, and although not really detailed, it helped with figuring out the shape of the backpack and I might be able to use some of the skins it comes with.
Second is a mod for Gmod, with marine NPCs and ragdolls. This makes it easy to fly around and take pictures from all sorts of angles.

Of course, for both of these, I have to be careful about how accurate they are. They're looking pretty good, but I'm still checking them with the in-game marines.

Oh, and I finally finished the bulk of the backpack. As simple as it is, making patterns was a giant pain as I couldn't figure out how to bevel the edges properly.


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Well, it's been a while. Had a week where I didn't have the motivation to do anything, but I also started working on the assault rifle to go with the cosplay.

Done the forearms, ready to be sealed and painted. The front part of the armour is secured with velcro. I also added a bit of foam padding around the edge of the upper forearm to make the armguards look thicker (seen in the image on the right)


Also made the mic for the helmet, which can be removed to easily paint the two seperately, as well as make it easier to put on/take off the helmet. Held on with a magnet.

Found some suitable pants at an op shop yesterday, just gotta find the best way to realistically weather them. Still need to find a shirt and some kind of black vest to go over it (suggestions for the vest welcome!).

Finally, I was waiting to try and have it completed, but here is the progress on what I'm finding to be most challenging so far, the greaves. They'll wrap around my leg and be held togetherwith a zip. I've made the pattern for the knee guard (the part that sticks up) but I haven't finalised it yet.

Once the weather gets better and I have a few more free days, I'll give the painting a test! I'm thinking a layer of sealant (Flexbond/(maybe) Plastidip), then white primer, then metallic spray paint, then a gloss varnish, then a layer of green/olive paint, then scraping that back to the metallic paint with a brush, THEN some grungy weathering THEN a final varnish. That's a lot, but hopefully not too much for me to handle! 72 days left to complete it.


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Huh, swear I updated this thread recently. I've been working a fair bit on the assault rifle which is close to being sealed. Here is a quick shot I took the other week with a couple of armour pieces that I could wear, as well as part of my BDU:

Also, did some engraving for the eye piece and rifle display. Little messy, but I'm going to pick up some needle files soon to clean it up.


I have sealed, primed and started painting a few of the pieces. Today I hope to prime the chest plate, helmet and backpack. I will share photos when I think they're ready!


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Update time lads and lasses! Gonna try something new to make it easier to share stuff here, but of course being my "progress" thread, I'll give an extra bit of enlightenment.

Most of the smaller pieces were primed with Plastidip, because it was quicker and I wanted to try it out. Didn't turn out very well, it was rough and the parts aren't very strong. But, I like the "powder coated" look the texture gave it (made painting a pain though). Bigger parts, like the helmet, chestplate, backpack and greaves/gauntlets were sealed with good ol' Mod Podge.

Everything was spray-primed black (minus the greaves/gauntlets to avoid the paint cracking) and then silver. A mixture of paints were then stippled onto the surface to create a rough look.
The plan then was to then sponge on a darker green layer. This didn't go too well, so I then tried using the same paint mixture and doing a wash over it all, then dabbing it off, which I'm quite happy with the results. Probably a bit greener than in-game (the in-game colours look quite dull) but I think they look more realistic. Next some messy edge weathering using a toothbrush and metallic paint. That then got varnished and right now I'm attaching it all together - I'm going through hot glue like hot cakes!

Before we continue I'd like to share a reflection that I had about these marines, and what they've been through. They have escaped from a colonised planet (Reach) that was being invaded and destroyed by the Covenant. They escaped on a ship containing the most important AI and super soldier to the UNSC and mankind. Even after making a jump (to random coordinates) they were still followed by the Covenant, which then forced them to abandon ship onto an unknown alien artifact (Installation 04). Now here's what really hit me when I thought about it. In Halo: CE, all the vehicles, weapons, and of course UNSC personnel are all survivors of that one ship, the Pillar of Autumn. There's no unlimited supply of them; those fellow crew members are all there are. So let's take a moment to think about what these brave men and women have been through.
And now for the scariest part of the post:


Oz Comic Con in 11 days! Aaagh! Terrifying but exciting - just the way life oughta be.

PS: Does anyone know if there is a 405th gathering at either Oz Comic Con or Supa Nova in Brisbane?
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We've got no current plans for an official gathering - it'll more than likely just be a small get together, if anything. Make sure you check in with the Squadron Commander of Queensland to see if he's got any plans like a dinner or get-together :)


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Post Oz Comic Con update! I had a great weekend spending time with my big fandom family.

First things first: WOW! I actually cannot believe the number of people that recognised me as a Marine from Halo: CE. It was awesome, and lots of people took pictures of/with me (gotta build that ego, eh?). Lots of HOO-RAHs, and I even learnt from others how to do it properly. A few people were telling me how they used to restart a level if any Marines died... and others telling me how they used to kill them (which, not gonna lie, I was one of those people at certain points in my playthroughs).

Here are some shots that a friend took of me at the Brisbane Convention Center:
IMG_0070 (3).jpg

IMG_0071 (3).jpg

(Forgot to close the buckles on the sides for these pictures, whoops)

I will probably do a couple of photoshoots with various photographers at Supanova.

Of course, it ain't finished yet. Still got some weathering and an LED to add (plus gotta finish the rifle) and there's some things I have to improve on, learning from Oz Comic Con.
Maneuverability was actually really good, one of the easiest to move in and see from, as well as the most comfortable (surprisingly!). Although it does take about 10-20 minutes to put on. When I started walking the greaves kept hitting together, but I quickly got used to walking with my legs slightly further apart and no issues. Helmet was a little loose but I won't add a strap to keep it secure as that'll be too uncomfortable. Greaves and (mainly) gauntlets got a little damage, as expected, but they don't look too bad and I think can be "fixed" with a heat gun.

One problem with the gauntlets is that when my arms were under strain (like from carrying my bag) the sweat would build up inside and start to wash off the paint onto my wrists. This was bad when I was holding an art book to be signed and didn't want it to get paint on it! Gotta find a way to reduce/absorb sweat.

Another issue is that I only had just enough room to in my pockets to hold the essentials (had to check in my bag because it was too heavy), like phone, wallet, camera, business cards and pen+paper. I still had to hold my bottle and Magnum - so I need to find a way to hold everything (including bottle) for when I'm using two hands to carry the rifle.

Work continues, and I can't wait for Supanova!


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hey, let me Help you out with Soft parts! I'd Recomment a Flight suit and a pair of jungle boots. Much more game accurate and Pretty affordable.


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hey, let me Help you out with Soft parts! I'd Recomment a Flight suit and a pair of jungle boots. Much more game accurate and Pretty affordable.
Thanks for the tip! My BDU consits of a long-sleeve button-up shirt and long pants from an op-shop, plus a cheap dark grey singlet I use as the vest. But I can definitely see the flight suit and jungle boots working for this cosplay.


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Well, the most wonderful time of the year (Brisbane Supanova, or Brisnova) is now a memory of last weekend, but I had a hell of a time! I've got so much to share so there will probably be a constant trickle of images, videos and updates here.

First up, here are a few of me with some awesome new friends I made over the weekend.
download (1).jpg
download (2).jpg

Top left: @spartansnever_die, top right: your's truly
Bottom left: @noble.cosplay, bottom right sadly doesn't have an account