Halo CE Marine Cosplay


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The bulk of the forearms are now done! Still a bit of seam work and heat forming to be done, but that'll come later with refinement. It doesn't look very detailed, like the rest of the pieces, because most of the detail will be in the painting.




For the buckles, I've made them solid by backing them with black worbla. It doesn't seem like anything needs to be thread through them, so I don't have to make a hole.

I've added just a little bit of detail to the back of the elbow which was not part of the original model. This is just to clean up the end a bit. I'll clean it up further with some foam clay (you can see it's quite messy).

Also, has anyone ever noticed the chest of the marines in-game? No wonder it was a bit tricky to get the pattern right, because the human model was deformed to make the chest plate work! You can see how the chest was stretched out and made into a box-shape to fit the armour.


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I guess I just can't leave this project alone. Here are a few shots of what I've done since the last update:


Shoulder guards and bracers:

Chestplate, thigh and hip guards:

Still a lot of work to be done, but since it has to be done, I know it will. Just maybe while con-crunching.


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Don't suppose anyone knows of or has any templates for the armour of the Combat Evolved marine? It's just taking a while to make all of 'em.


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Don't suppose anyone knows of or has any templates for the armour of the Combat Evolved marine? It's just taking a while to make all of 'em.
If you're looking for Combat Evolved Anniversary there's a whole whack of resources here in the Bucket to Boots thread.

If you're looking for the original style there is a PDO version in The Armory, it's a little blocky but that's kind of expected with the source material :p


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I've actually been using both of those resources, and the two are quite helpful - but still, thanks for taking the time to reply!

I've managed to find a couple of new ways to view the marine models to help with patterns. The first is here, and although not really detailed, it helped with figuring out the shape of the backpack and I might be able to use some of the skins it comes with.
Second is a mod for Gmod, with marine NPCs and ragdolls. This makes it easy to fly around and take pictures from all sorts of angles.

Of course, for both of these, I have to be careful about how accurate they are. They're looking pretty good, but I'm still checking them with the in-game marines.

Oh, and I finally finished the bulk of the backpack. As simple as it is, making patterns was a giant pain as I couldn't figure out how to bevel the edges properly.