Halo Child's Play Auction Live


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Hi 405th Community,

Been awhile, been busy too...but now I am back and trying to help the Charity of Child's Play and I chose Halo to do it, why? Cause we are the best gaming community around. If you are looking for some really unique halo items and wanna help the sick kids bid away, bid generously if you can.

I tried to keep the prices low so everyone can at least try and get an item pack.


I tried to put this in the Halo Univese forum but it appears I am not able too, if possible could a mod transfer it to the correct forum and sticky this?




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Re: Halo Child's Play Auction Live

Naskatew , IshidaRyusei Please check dates before posting.....this thread is 4 years old. and it was another year when the next reply was posted so this is a really old thread.
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