1st Build Halo infinite mark 7 progress

Aftermath part 2: Release day of Halo Infinite

After photoshooting some armor pics I noticed that 2 parts broke apart and 2 parts were missing. Bicep parts did fit, however, it broke apart after a few minutes of fitting. Maybe because I've been working out.

Thigh part disconnected in the back part. What's left to do is build the kneecaps and boot parts and then seal the helmet visor to the bottom of the helmet.
I'll continue fixing everything up after Christmas. Enjoy Halo Infinite this winter season!
Aftermath part 3
Working on new re sized bicep pieces. This new piece finally fits after resizing the model in pepakura designer 2 times. Boot part I may finish in January next year and kneecap piece will be done in a week from now.


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The finale:
Happy 2022 everyone

Mark 7 Gen 3 is finally fully complete after 5 months of work!
I re made the Bicep parts, freehanded a kneecap pattern from the Halo Infinite game, and made the boot parts. For the boot parts I sized the length to my shoe size. The boot pattern fit my foot but some pieces in the pattern I had to trace again longer. Quite confusing to make.
Next project will be my pre birthday suit after I take notes on cosplay and study for my classes.
I'm proud of my work so far even though I made mistakes along the way.


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1 - 27 - 22 Followup

Randomly found the kneecap pattern I was looking for. Turns out it got lost between some papers for like a month


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