Halo Live Action VIDEO - Download Link

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Heh, that trailer was BA....Recorded it on my cell. ^___^; I thought it was a movie trailer, but nope. Great, just great. I'm disappointed by the new Xbox though...>_>;


I saw it on TV, it was pretty kick ass. And so was the other footage (campaign?) that they showed.
I'm very happy to finally see something that came out of the Peter Jackson/Weta project, even if it is only a teaser to drum up more interest in the movie being made....

Pretty astounding stuff.

Sorry, I made a duplicate post in the Halo Universe thread.... shouldn't this go there?
I just finished watching it, those ODSTs in it give me chills I didnt realize what they were when I watched the E3 showing on Xbox.com before
Whats with that final shot of the mannequin in marine armor standing next to a laser blast of some sort?
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