1st Build Halo pepakura mk4 masterchief helmet help.


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This is my first post and after reading many posts on here in regards to all aspects of making and completing your very own masterchief helmet.
after scaling this helmet in pepakura and finally finishing it yesterday i have noticed a big problem (for me anyway) in that the visor that you prep doesn't have any tabs to glue it to the inside of the helmet and thus making the front of the helmet sag downwards somewhat.
now with the visor cut out and glued i have managed with the use of masking tape albeit not accurately or positioned right to attached the visor from the inside but as you can see from the images that it isn't in right and this you can see from the left side front prong that it sags down slightly also seen from the front.
i know getting it to sit right inside the helmet is key and will make the front prongs sit right and obviously this has to be include to aid the fibreglass resin process which leads me to my first question?

How am i supposed to fit this in properly so i can at least start the resin process that doesn't make the helmet sag downwards, masking tape doesn't stick to well and i do not want to use proper tape to avoid tearing the paper should i get the visor position wrong.
is it worth just resin the top part of the helmet to get it to harden before doing the rest?
any ideas on this one would be super appreciated.
whilst on the subject of visors i ordered this one from amazon yesterday............. is this one any good?

LS2 800011819 OF569 Visor Iridium Gold​

I think this will work but my question is what is the best way to attach this to the final prepped and painting helmet?
I have seen people using hot glue and super glued as well as gorilla tape but in your honest opinion and knowledge what way would be best and how do/where do you buy the hexagon stickers of cut out shape of the visor part, if that makes sense?
Would it be worth buying a full face shield x2 and cutting out the shape of masterchief visor and then overlap it with another one and then maybe colour the visor?
Again if that makes sense? (see attached picture of said visor shape) or does anyone know where i could purchase one from?

Lastly any advice about padding it out would be grateful i have read and seen many others opinions and helmets but in terms of experience and knowledge you guys/girls from the 405th are unmatchable.

Again any advice and help would be super super appreciated and helpful.

thank you so much.



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The Wolf

I think maybe if you line popsicle sticks on the visor (glue them on) you should be good. And for the visor, you could use contact cement or epoxy. I would use Epoxy because it sticks to pretty much everything.

I'm not sure about padding yet, maybe Eva foam or some other type of foam. Or you could buy a motorcycle helmet padding thing.

And on Etsy you could find the hex pattern for your helmet by looking up Flexible Metallic Visor material, there should be some that have a hex pattern. You could either use a motorcycle visor or the Flexible Metallic Visor material on Etsy I think. Hope this helps.