Halo reach armor.(but better than v1)

Which 3d printer?

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Okay so V1 of my armor wasn't all that great. [Excuse time] but now that I realize I actually spent months Scaling everything(not actually). So now I want to use what I learned but with 3d printing! I'm basically going to use the same exact armor pieces but make it look better. Here is the basic plan:

1st: Find a 3d printer I like

2nd: Filament

3rd: Scale and print my pieces

4th: An....Oh I guess it's just 3(complex) steps

And here is the armor I want to use(with Files):

Helmet: Operator(probably one of my favorite helmets) Halo Reach Operator by morales2010 by Morales 2010

Chest: Halo reach Chest with Hp-Halo attachment, Halo Reach - HP Chest by moesizzlac

Looking for more files.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated

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Wich 3d printer should I buy? I want one that makes high-quality prints, Priority 2: Large build area(or medium-sized) Priority 3: Fast?
The golden question, isn't it? If you're looking for REALLY good quality, have a look at resin printers - however, since their build plate is quite small, I doubt that's the route you'll want to take. The Creality printers are great - affordable, pretty good quality and lots of support online for 'em. I've got a CR10S which has a large build plate and I've been happy with that. Of course, quality and speed will always, in the end, come down to your fine tuning, even if the printer is great.


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My recommendation for printers based on large build area would be either for a CR-10 series (or clone such as a Tevo Tornado) or the Ender 5 Plus. I have two Tevo Tornados that I've run for a few years and a newer Ender 5 Plus that I'm just starting to mod and would highly recommend either with a few tweaks.

Finding a new Tornado in the wild is a bit difficult and their company was bought out and rebranded as Homers late last year which coupled with lockdowns made for one hell of a nightmare for them so if you're buying new I'd say pony up for the more expensive Creality machine because of more reliable manufacturer support and how common the machines are for community support.

The Wolf

Vibrant color schemes to notice details.
Halo 5:

Looks amazing don't it?
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Their something weird about this 3d model I don't like....
I feel as if the helmet attachment is too low, or there's something wrong with the visor. It might also be the black lines that are on the visor that isn't as dense as I would like them. Therefore there is a really high chance that I'll make a new 3d model.

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right here kinda looks like a AI insert?
Noticed some details in the textures I´ve never seen before

Also at the top in blue their are words that I can´t see very well. Their are several small details I would like to add. Therefore their is a very high chance of me making another 3d model. However, once I either finish my armor or print the helmet I will share it with the community.

Also on the black part there are some sort of neck seal details and drill holes.


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Also, I guess the main question I should be asking is how do I make a high poly 3d model?(sorry for the multiple posts)
Well... that really all depends. What previous 3D modelling experience do you have already, and are you willing to make armour models from scratch or modify existing ones?

The Wolf

Well... that really all depends. What previous 3D modelling experience do you have already, and are you willing to make armour models from scratch or modify existing ones?
I have a little bit of 3d modeling experience, and most of the armor models I found weren´t as detailed as I would like them. So theirs a really high chance that I´ll try and make one from scratch

Edit: Or I could edit an existing model and add all of the detail...
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The Wolf

So here is the new plan:

Order 3d printer, 20KG of filament, paint, Bondo

Add(try to) detail 3d models even more(or buy a model)

Order to print in:
Print Boots first (Halo reach Boots
Gloves(Halo 3)
Fj Para Knees
Shins (Halo reach
Shoulder (Ua Multi threat. For some reason I like the spike things outwards not inwards)
Forearm's(Most likely reach)
Chest(Halo reach
Thighs(I hear they are hard to print)
Accessories(go after Main pieces are finished)
First print, Spine(reach)
Either Tactical UGPS, Or Tactical Tacpad(With screen inside)
Command attachment(Attachment that´s on carters helmet)
Weapons After Accesories(Weapons go after acceories just in case I see any interesting ones in the Infinite campaign)
Light Rifle (my favorite one in-game is the dying star)
Suppressed Magnum?
And while all that fun is happening I´ll try to add details to a current 3d model, or Build my own. I took a look to see what blender looked like and it almost took me 4 hours just to figure out how to add textures :( any help with the Operator helmet Would be appreciated.
Color scheme:
Red and Black most likely not 100% sure though.

*Train Whistles* Oh Did you here that, it´s the Ford train gotta go!
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