Halo Reach custom armor ODST

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My custom Reach armor made by yadielatinopropmaker (instagram) finally arrived! There's lot of parts/accessories that aren't in the pics, but will post them once painted. I'm so happy and it fits great! Helmet is Dutch's cast from Sean Bradley Studio. Will start the paint job this weekend and hopefully will be ready for the next Con in May. Also thinking about using my Tiger Desert uniform as undersuit, wdyt?


Great sizing. Seems like you get a decent bit of mobility from that. Though the helmet seems a little large, how are you planning on making sure you can look around?
Helmet still needs padding and cut the extra resin on the collar, after that it'll probably fit much better.

This is so cool. sizing and scale looks pretty much spot on. How are you planning to tackle the undersuit?
Thanks! I was afraid of how it would fit since I commissioned to someone from the other side of the sea lol, but we managed to scale correctly thanks to armorsmith. Undersuit will be my desert tiger uniform for now, until I get a black multicam one. Not thinking about making an accurate one short term.
Posted on facebook but wanted to post here too:

I've finally fulfilled the dream I had for 10 years of having my own Halo armor. Yesterday I wore it at Cómic Barcelona 2022 after 7 years from the last time I attended that con. It was a bit overwhelming to wear such a big armor with reduced visibility but I had very good friends with me all the time to help with the struggles. We had lot of fun and many people and kids were amazed and asked for lot of pics. Can't wait to wear it again later this month with some upgrades I'm planning already.
Special thanks to Eduardo for making the kit helping to reach that goal.

photocall (42).JPG
photocall (43).JPG
photocall (44).JPG

Upgrades planned: better straping system for thigs, multicam black uniform as undersuit, and add painting details to the armor, specially the helmet since it was the most rushed piece. Want to paint Dutch's teeth and some more details.
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