Foam Halo Reach Spartan Build


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I’m new to armour building with foam and hoping to build a Spartan for comic con this year out of EVA foam.

I’ve got a 3D printed helmet that I’ll post pictures of once I’ve completed it. But I’m new to the foam building aspect.

I’ve got a few files for arms, shoulders and legs to use but can’t for the life of me find any files for the chest armour for Halo Reach Spartans. I was hoping to use the breacher collar style. I can find files for this add on but not the base chest. Is anyone able to help or offer some assistance?


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Hi Danno, welcome to the 405th! Within this huge accessory file pack in the armory, you'll find the breacher collar chest, including one unwrapped for foam.


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And all of those chest accessories in that pack are designed to fit on to the base chest piece found here, also available as standard and foam Optimized templates

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