K bit of good news and bad news

Good News: I killed the rat and blocked their way into the house but just as a precaution I've built a DIY electric fence around my 3d printer and its filament and ive taken the liberty of purchasing a filament dry case to prevent them from getting in it anymore.

Bad News: I've gotta wait till Wednesday to get my computer back and all of my files are erased permanently due to a hard drive error but I have taken the liberty of purchasing better cooling fans for it that way I can work on it for longer periods of time.


Took forever but ive finally got a stable code for the scope all i need to do now is make the housing and a zoomable optic which i think i can salvage from a broken camera i have laying around


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Minor setback since my power supply for my anet a8 fried since it was factory set for 220v and i didn't notice but i got a replacement and i am running a diagnostic over it for anymore bugs.

However i have found a optic that will work with the scope but ill have to find a attachment lens for it to make the optic a bit larger and zoom further but it is motorized so thats great for this


Ok so ive got the casing fully printed and i thought about making this have a latching system but sadly theres no room in it so its gonna be a solid peice.

Now all thats left to do is wait for the lenses to come in and sadly i could only find 2 so production of these are gonna be slow


so im having a bit of issues fitting the c-mount adapter to the camera so i'm gonna try either gluing it in place or making a slide able mount since it isn't designed for the camera sensor and it doesn't want to focus up close so im gonna try the slide able mount and if that doesn't work its getting glued in place


I have found a new camera module thatll fit the C-Mount adapter and this will hopefully be the last addition to the scope that i make. The screen doesn't fit into the viewport so im gonna add a magnefying lens so it wont be cut off. And as for the cost of all the materials they are as follows:

$30 for the filament
$35 for the rpi 3b
$50 for the camera
$50 for the cables, wiring, and adapters
$60 for the lens

So all in all its $225 but I do have to be making something on it if im gonna sell these so the price is gonna have to jump to $250 but other than that its still underway for production as for a mount to a rifle i am working on something but it'll take time to make it from scratch.