HaloGoddess' "How To Scale" and More Tutorial


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This is a great tutorial, and after reading through the comments on this thread I feel that I have learned a lot on scaling.

I tend to overthink things, so if I am making this more complex than it needs to be, I apologize.

When scaling the helmet, I assume the height measurement (if done perfectly) would be the exact height of your head. When I apply fiberglass and resin to the inside of the helmet and padding, I assume that this will create a requirement to increase the height to accommodate for the increased thickness on the inside of the model. Is this correct?

If so, what is the average buffer that you would apply to the height? I was thinking one inch (1") would be sufficient for any fiberglass/resin and padding. What have other members experienced? Am I overthinking this?



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HaloGoddess! Did you make a similar tutorial for Halo Reach armor!? If so, would you kindly send me the link plssssss.


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Please be aware of post dates and refrain from posting in threads that have not been posted in for more than three months instead do the member as posting in old threads pushes newer builds and the like down the list


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Till today this has been the best tutorial till date and should be archived for people starting out. Bumping this up.


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HaloGoddess' "How To Scale" and More Tutorial *REVISED*

HEY 405th!

I have revised my scaling tutorial and tried to make it a little more in depth so that it is more understandable for those that are still trying to fully figure out and understand how to measure themselves so that everything fits. :) For now I have just the images posted, and may post more tips, but for now, this should help. :)

UPDATED: 3/14/14

Currently, this is mostly for the MK VI (Halo 3) armor style. I intend on creating a seperate one for a Halo Reach measure guide. :)

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I HIGHLY recommend that you use reference images and study just how the armor pieces are supposed to look when worn. If you happen to own one of the 12" McFarlane figures, that will work good too. It's good to study the armor and see how everything lines up on the body so you can make sure that you get everything to look right. :)

Hello there! I'm still a little new around here. So you say add about 4 inches to the head measurements. Does that also apply to ODST helmets?


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Hello there! I'm still a little new around here. So you say add about 4 inches to the head measurements. Does that also apply to ODST helmets?
Sounds about right if you're adding 4" to the circumference you'll be getting around an inch of space between your head and the helmet extra.

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