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Sigma LS

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This is a thread to compare some of the MC helmets that have been made, to see the differences in both size and style next to one another. This includes both helmets that are one-of-a-kind and those that exist as multiples. I figure I'll start out with views of three helmets. The Westerfield ABS, the Leemore "War" fiberglass statue cast, and the famous NAS helmet.




Personally, I think the Leemore and the NAS are the best.
This is great info.
Well, I noticed that the Westerfield is a bit plain. Personally, I think it needs more detail. The Leemore is awesome, nice job on the Halo font also.
Well, I just got the Westerfield set last week. I had planned to modify it and make it look much better, but well...it is in the classifieds.

Some extra info on the visors, The NAS is an iridium coated reflective motorcycle visor, the Leemore is cut from genuine paintball goggles and backed with an iridium coated adhesive lens (it was my airsoft armor for awhile), the Westerfield is a vacuformed lens that is not iridium coated.
Nothing is "wrong" with it. Somebody just didn't take the extra time to fill in all the small irregularities from the mold before they painted it ;-). The one I'm working on now will turn out as smooth as my Leemore helmet. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

However, as I have said, only the Westerfield ABS suit is for sale.
Re: nas!

Jordan Roajs said:
that NAS helmet looks beat up wats wrong with it because i was thinking of buying one wats wrong????????

thats what happens in war XD
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uhhh, NAS doesn't sell armor anymore. I think they got in trouble with copy right. I don't know if that is true so if someone can correct me that would be great.

But back to the point. NAS doesn't make halo armor anymore.
well its all personal preference. I like NAS the best (minus the visor) because it used a little artistic lincense. (and because I own one lol)

But as far as most accurate out of the 3, i'd have to go with secret option 4: BlueRealms helmet. :mrgreen:

Great comparison chart though SigLS. You just need to buy Link's and Sean's and a few others and you'll be set ;) Anyway you could post the weight of each?
Jordan Roajs said:
uhh...... i think they do dee dee dee..................
Umm last time i asked about MC armor i was responded with nothing. Check their site. Dont see MC listed...
Umm yeah... i dunno
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woah someone take pics of all the helmets even you monstermaker cardboard is included, and then photo shop them all together, take pics of each angle like that, and when ever someone makes a new helm photoshop it in, it would be awesome so whos with me? heres more angles of bluerealms. http://www.bluerealmstudios.com/mc/

someone tell him to take a picture of the top.
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