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So i got this idea to fabricate the MJOLNIR helmet using actual metal and tinted glass for the visor. Before I start I want to know if I can do this without needing a consent form from Bungie... and if anyone has any cool ideas that may help me.

Thanks a bunch!
if you're doing it for yourself, you don't need to ask bungie. You may ask yourself, why you're doing it in metal though.
i was to, considering metal, but then i realised how heavy it would be. my dad makes staues things outta metal, and many of his peices way upwards of 60 lbs. imagine this, times two, carried around all over your body. thats a bit of an exaggeration, tohough, considering my dad uses 1/4 in steel, but it would still way a ton!
No see i wasnt going to make the whole suit out of metal just the helmet. I considered the weight but figured if i cut it right and padded the inside correctly it wouldnt be as much. I was also planning on using very thin sheets of metal not uncommon to the metal a mechanic might use to patch a whole in a car. If i can bend it right then the helmet would look heavier then it actually will be
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