here it is so far!

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theres so much still to be done, electrical more bondo paint all that fun stuff but hey why not ... heres pics of it so far in the bondo phase! :lol:
ahhh....damn it feels cool to see something coming together slowely and listenen to some Rammstein at the same time :)
i know about the teeth " " lol i still got alot of bondo work to do- final layers and adding it in some spots
the crystals wut im going to do --see pics for the bald spot-- Ive got these smokey quarts crystals from my job and im going to make a housing unit
type thing after i cut out that lil spot and then fiber glass the units in and install purple LEDs in the housing units and put in a little latch so that it will stay shut
and be able to be opend and taken off when replacement of something is needed. All wires, batteries, and lights etc. are going to be hidden
inside the top shell half and im prolly going to cut off the hand guards to not only make space but also make it the "halo 3 version" and do some slight modding to it lol as for the time bout 2 weeks ish maybe ive been working on it lol o yes the switch will be hidden in the front of the hand grip so it can be turned on and off with your finger
update : i dont remember whos model it was i think it was D4's

for those wondering about the needles heres some of them chopped up b4 shapeing
tonight or tommorow depending on whats going on with my other job -,- they might get added in they might not ...i still need to get the LEDs, batterys, and switch latch, and hinge

but heres a pic of the needles with and without the light
redragon74 said:
theres so much still to be done, electrical more bondo paint all that fun stuff but hey why not ... heres pics of it so far in the bondo phase! :lol:
ahhh....damn it feels cool to see something coming together slowely and listenen to some Rammstein at the same time :)

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o im trying i got a suggestion today to build that around a nail gun lol but i might if it ends up good build it around a mini elec airsoft gun
If you need some leds, I would suggest getting them from a site online rather then radioshack. I remember used to provide resistors with the leds, but not anymore I guess. They are a great site to get leds from though.

Needler and Needles look GREAT. Mind telling us where you got the 'Needles' from?

o i already know about radio shack lol i seemed to stump them with my little rig for my plasma grenade i think i might have just over charged the LED with voltage

i think i rigged the voltage to go from 2 9volts --> 18 volts and into a 12v light up switch... the LED was rated for about 5v max and it shone REAL bright for a while and i had everything perfect on the spot but one day the light barely shone but the switch lit up bright as **** so i took it to them and they said it was my batteries and i replaced them and they said after that i dont no... so

theres a place off of I4 from me 2 exits called Skycraft they carry everything LEDS resistors wireing sheetmetal plastic even old medical equipment lol its cool its basically a hobbyest store but they carry the random bits u need to make the wireing and other things highly suggest it fans, lights, circuit boards everything lol i might check out that site though for the wiring because i seem to be having trouble with that -,-

as for the needles believe it or not all they are is just smokey quarts from the petstore i work at lol i took 2 big peices and a few random small ones, i cut the big ones in half and they of course split in peices but because they were large they were still useable but the real small peices i can still use for lighting inside the handle

the only problem i need to think of is the lockingmechanism for when i want to open the top and then close it a latch sort-of-say if i need to change out batteries or fix a light but i got an idea for the houseing and everything

gimme a lil i get a pic of all the peices lol o yea and this weekend itl be dremeld and HOPEFULLY needles installed
yeup lol

ok i dont no if any other petshop sells them but mine does

there called Smokey Quarts

i originally was going to use Plexiglass bassing it off of someone else's idea that i saw, i currently dont have a picture of it right now but ill find one
but then back in our fish dept. *i work at a Petland* we have slabs of Smokey Quarts Crystal then it hit me

ill chop off the bald spot* see top pictures* and dremel out a whole fiber glass in little housing units for the crystals to sit in imagine like a little box ish type thing.. then on the bottom of the "box" the part that the crystals sit on i will shine a purple LED through it *see the Red Light example picture" it will be put on a hinge and locking mechanism so i can open it if i needed to *replace batteries or lights etc* and im going to dremel out the hand guards for the H3 needler effect and on the handle will be my switch for on and off. inside the front cone will be 2 smaller LEDs facing inwards for the effect :lol: nifty huh? i also have smaller pieces about 1/2inch by 1/2 inch that if i need to disperse the light anywhere on the gun i can such as the fronti can just glue it in
Glad to see more people like Rammstein then just me and my friends.

I may do a Needler later, but for now I am doing a Brute Shot made out of a Buzzsaw from Nerf.

EDIT: Forgot to say: "NICE WORK MAN!" Needler looks great so far.
looks great man gonna be sweet with the lights and crystals all in and everything

OO and P. S. Rammstein ROCKS!!! (y)
this is the needler i was lookin for
there was a set of pics
it with and without the needles on/off
in the dark and a pretty good lookin chick with it

i dont usually just listen to rammstein
usually its Rammstein, 30 sec. to mars, system of a down, flogging molly, killswitch engage, and then some Elvis presley remixes to mix it up
welp heres my update for the first half of the day....

before and after shots of the needles and how its coming along and a few What Ive Learned stuff on cutting quarts lol

-all needles were hand cut with a saw and dremel-
- this stuff got under my set of safety goggles and it sucked within about 6-7 mins of cutting and shapeing i had to stop just so i could whipe down and see
-this stuff itches like hell in cuts and gets hot after a lot of powder be ready to shower immediatly or wear long sleeves no gloves is ok
-they are brittle after certain points due to internal cracks
-lots of patiance
-and i also found out you can use Air Duct Tape *silver stuff* its just a lil harder and takes a lil bit more time with fiberglass but Resin is Ok
-and it also leaves a HEUGE mess be ready to clean up lots o dust
any more ?s feel free to ask

wut i wanted to do was still keep the needler look of it BUT i also wanted to add in a "real life" style of it, so each needle is its own size shape and height, they still go in the same line but there all differant to give it a Real Life Halo effect
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