How did you find us?


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I found this extremely helpful site with the help of an unknown Spartan. I was at Otakon(Anime convention at the Baltimore convention center in Maryland) I spoke with this good sir and he told me about I didn't catch a name and I didn't get to talk to him for very long. I would like to extend my thanks if he see's this and/or someone knows whom he might be.


i searched...something like halo replicas or something and after like 3 hours i found this site and i was just so relived


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Hi All

I found my way here from a member on zealot. I like making stuff so thought that I would come and see what this site was like. I am now hooked big time. lol


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The other day, while I was browsing the HBO website ( I read a post that announced a 405th e Zine. Always interested in something new and obviously Halo-oriented (and especially a group that's willing to put enough effort into an actual e Zine) I decided to check it out.

Perhaps my first experience, this past week, was reading through all of the articles in your e Zine. I was very impressed. Both for the quality of articles as to the variety and the descriptions. After reading, I decided "Well, this might be a community that I'd like to join."

Being a custom firearms enthusiast and amateur gunsmith, I have always been interested in working on a functioning bullpup .223 or 7.62x54mm rifle variant (aka the Halo A4 Assault Rifle). However, I have always had an issue with working out the design cosmetics. Seeing this site, it looks like my dreams of building functioning weapon replicas might actually come true.

Plus I might try my hand at some Mark VI armor to boot. :)

Regardless, I have already recieved a quite warm greeting from BlacRoseImmortal, and I hope to have a lot of fun associating with you folks!



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I ran across this site from another prop building board. Was a Halo fan shortly after the first game. Hope to eventually learn enough to build/buy my own Spartan armor.


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Finnish_Spartan said:
LOLBBQHAXORZSLMAO!@###!!££@@!! i really think something should be done about this...
Since many people could never find this site if it was up to this... i mean if i would have found the forums back earlier, i would be 1 of the 1st hundered members...

I have been making halo (costumes/misc) armor since 2003 and ever since i have also been looking for a site like this..
(altough this site propably didnt exist in 2003..)

googled mjolnir Glad i found u guys!!
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I was just trying to find instruction on how to make Spartan armor and I found it and was greatly pleased!


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I looked for some help in halo-amror-building. since i saw that halo-armor-kid on youtube( i think he's very talented), i wanted nothing more than my own armor :lol: well... here i am :)


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Adam's website basically lead me here. I was looking at some convention photos and saw the armor then googled and it brought me to his site, from there I managed to make my way here and wallah!.


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i've always wanted to build some sort of costume armor myself.
i was poking around looking for a way to make some Starship Troopers armor and this happened to pop up.
thank goodness! :lol:


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Damn... to be honest, I don't really remember.

All I know is that I'm here, and I'm glad. This site is amazing and full of talent, skill, help and just pure epicness (never thought I'd use the word). I don't know of a single other site that has such great art and extremely nice users to go along with it.

I love this place.
I found this site through another great prop and costuming site, The RPF. The wealth of knowledge I see here is incredible, and I'm sure there's much more to discover. I guess I'll have to start building something soon.


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I found the site via while looking at a cardboard armor build (that did not have an instructable).


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I was looking for a good costume making website for halo and googled and found you beautiful people who make the world go round!