How did you find us?

Hein B107

Lately i have been collection some halo models. I love to paint them and look at them. I also have the halo 3 master-chief helmet (way too small to fit mind you). But i also like the idea of having some props like the guns. I like to collect those things and now i want to make it myself, including a set of ODST Armour.

so while googling at work for some info i stumbled upon some references about the 405th. so i decided to use this chance and register to get access to a helpful community and maybe one day meet others at a convention


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I found this forum after getting a HUGE blast from the past, and some major nostalgic vibes about a week ago. Been on this Halo tangent reminiscing about gaming memories, I've always wanted to cosplay something but never really knew what I wanted to do. Then it hit me, do a spartan cosplay of what I've looked like in the Halo games with my multiplayer armor. Boom, I'm here lol.

Sean Anwalt

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When I lived in Indiana I saw online that you could purchase a Halo 3 Master Chief costume, and I WANTED one. But at the time I was unable to do anything about it.

A few months later I moved to Utah and started doing research. I found some videos on YouTube that weren't very accurate, and some that were terrible, but the kept popping up as a reference, and I liked what I saw. So I started on this sniper rifle out of pepakura, which was a mistake, but with the help of Adam, Sean Bradley, and LongShot X as inspiration and guidance I finally got an ODST build made, minus the thighs (which I still have, actually. At least mostly.)

From there it blossomed into an obsession in a lot of ways, but that's how I came to the 405th.

..When life calms down, maybe I should redo the ODST instead of working on Buzz Lightyear...


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I'm not sure what you mean, I have a hole there to allow for lighting matching the in game scaling of 25% lighting 75% metal for the indent. Maybe it doesn't show up because I was wearing black pants? Check the close up photo of the thigh.
I do need to cut it out for the biceps still, I know that.
[QUOTE="Sean Anwalt, post: 782717

... maybe I should redo the ODST when life calms down, instead of Buzz Lightyear...
Stop right there... Buzz Lightywar is your priority....