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How did you find us?

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Doom, May 15, 2008.

  1. Doom

    Doom Well-Known Member

    Hello to one and all! There has been LOADS of activity around these forums lately. Just the other day we broke our active users record with 791 active users at once! Our previous record was about 250 or so. My estimates are that of those 791 active users, about 700 of them were Guest's/Unregistered users.

    Now with the publicity that we have been getting every few weeks, it gets quite hard to keep track of where people are coming from and what sites we are being put up on. If any of you guest's or newly registered users happen to see this Sticky, Please, just leave a link to the article or site that you found us from by making a post below. This allows us to see where everyone is being pointed from as we are somewhat clueless as to where we have been publicized otherwise.


  2. drgon47


    I was bored on google one day. Back when jedi frazs models were being used. So, last august or so I signed up.
  3. leegrisham

    leegrisham Well-Known Member

    I new within the last few months so I don't really fit your request but, I was Googleing for MJLINOR costumes online one day and just stumbled onto this place.
  4. bkearney

    bkearney New Member

    Same thing... google. I think I was looking up the pronunciation of hte armor.. and found this site and the www.mjolnirarmor.com site. Are you looking to increase traffic via badges or external links?
  5. naurarwen

    naurarwen New Member

    I found you on OMG Bungie.net about two day ago. And am now happy I did as I have been wondering how to make the Halo armour since the beginning of the year. I had just never got round to looking into it.
  6. BlacRoseImmortal


    i <3 Google, I looked up "master chief armor" and found Adam's other webpage and eventually found my way here.
  7. wolf

    wolf Member

    i prayed to the web gods and killed my sacrificial (computer) mouse, and when that didnt work i used google to search master chief armor.
  8. Pkmnjunky7

    Pkmnjunky7 Member

    I was on google searching through images. I wasn't even looking for anything master chief related. I had searched for something including the word "Paper", and I saw a picture of a paper master chief helmet. From there I just googled "Paper Master Chief helmet"
  9. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

  10. Loess

    Loess Well-Known Member

    I found my way here through the Instructable about making pep armor.
  11. FinnishSpartan

    FinnishSpartan Well-Known Member

    I found mljonirarmor.com ages ago on google.
    I looked at the site and was like "oh this sucks, and the only tutorial is the weathering tutorial".

    But what i did'nt know you actually had these forums.. I found these forums about a year later on google.

    But i think i already told this to you on xbox live ;)

  12. docbytes

    docbytes Well-Known Member

    I found this site because space ninjas carved the addy into the side of my house, then they left with all of me gold! Guess they where space pirate ninjas. :ninja:

    Same..... Goggle while searching for more pics of Adams armor that I had seem floating through the net.
  13. paradoxdj

    paradoxdj Well-Known Member

    i have the same story as finnish. i had found mjolnirarmor.com but i didn't know were to go for the forums (and since the only tutorial was how to weather your armor i looked at the pics and left), then i think i was googling it or on google images and i found it...and every since i'v been on like every day (i have no life lol), i love this site its so amazing cuz back in like september (or whenever i joined) i really wanted to make some armor and noe i can, i'v also made a bunch of guns and a kunai (naruto)

    thanks adam! :D
  14. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    I think I've mentioned it before, but I found the site when doing a domain name search on GoDaddy.com. I was brainstorming names for an Halo armor website and when I saw that mjolnirarmor.com was taken I had to see what was was being done with the domain. The rest as they say is history... it was like finding a glove that fit perfectly.
  15. RedTogusa

    RedTogusa Well-Known Member

    Oh man. The sam happened to me. Did they use the probe on you aswell? :p

    haha, in reality I found it much the same way as everyone else. Through ze googleies.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  16. te flying ninja

    te flying ninja Jr Member

    i wanted to make armor for halo-ween ;)
  17. Ph4de

    Ph4de Member

  18. rachciav

    rachciav Well-Known Member

    i first found a topic on this site about the first pep models in october, then found the whole site from someone on another forum after they recommended it.
  19. centerside

    centerside Well-Known Member

    I found this a few months ago. Google, like most lol hehe.

    Searching for master chiefs pep helmet, and the whole costume (after seeing Adam's suit, thanks to him and his suit , i got really into Halo, thanks alot Adam :D), then I found this site, but didn't register... until a week ago.
  20. FinnishSpartan

    FinnishSpartan Well-Known Member

    LOLBBQHAXORZSLMAO!@###!!££@@!! i really think something should be done about this...
    Since many people could never find this site if it was up to this... i mean if i would have found the forums back earlier, i would be 1 of the 1st hundered members...

    I have been making halo (costumes/misc) armor since 2003 and ever since i have also been looking for a site like this..
    (altough this site propably didnt exist in 2003..)

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  21. JediStumpy

    JediStumpy Well-Known Member

    Google. I was looking for master chief ref. pics, saw adam suit (the red one i think), click on the pic, came to the website, joined up, learned, made, and the rest is still unfolding...
  22. falcon NL

    falcon NL Well-Known Member

    Same here, but i was looking for for the muckle statue casts.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  23. mzs111

    mzs111 Jr Member

    I found this site last August while trying to find Halloween costume ideas when I found the MJolnir site. I lurked around for several months until I was ready to begin a new suit and finally became a member.

    GRIFFIN XIII New Member

    I found your link at mjolnirarmor.com and clicked and thought it looked cool so i signed up :D
  25. hayato619

    hayato619 Jr Member

    saw it on ebay, since a member was selling their amror :)..

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