how do u make (regular) paper more sturdy

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how do u make regular printer paper more stable (like duct tape, masking tape, etc...). i dont wanna start all over and use cardstock cause it took me 3 days just to make the helmet...(yes i AM slow at this)
The only thing I could suggest, as have before, is still putting resin on the outside, but in very very thing layers. It will take some time to build up enough layers to stiffen the paper. If you make the layers to thick it will weigh the paper down, make it sag and you will be forced to start over.

You could try sealing the paper first so that it does not absorb the resin. Try sealing it with elmers glue by "painting" a layer on, but again you will have to layer it with very thin layers to not cause the paper to sag.

1.) Squeeze glue out of the bottle onto a paper plate or equivalent, using a sponge, "paint the glue onto the surface starting with the base of the helm. Work your way up allowing it to dry as you go.

2.)Once sealed with glue, use the same procedure with resin on the outside. Start at the bottom working your way to the top in rings around the helm, allowing to dry between each successive ring. By ring I mean start a the bottom and cover up 2 inches, allow to dry. Work you way up another two inches, etc. till completely covered.

3.)Fiberglass or equivalent the inside once it has become sufficiently stiff. By stiff I mean under slight pressure it does not deform, but don't try sitting on it lol... resin is tough, but I am not sure how large you are....

Keep in mind, the slower you do this, the less your helm will sag, slow enough, and it wont sag. It will take patience. This may take more than one, more than two days in fact, to complete.

One other hint, if you mix in a little extra hardner into the resin, it will harden much faster, but as you will be working with smaller areas this wont be to terrible. Apply to small areas quickly. One draw back is the extra hardner will make the resin more brittle when cured, but if you fibergalss the inside this wont be an issue.
Wont work, regular paper would collapse even with thin layers of resin, your screwed no matter what, so remake the helmet with cardstock or make other parts in the meantime with cardstock.
It may work, and its def worth a try, but expect it to take alot of time. Just covering the whole helm in resin, I do agree will cause it to collapse.


But if you do in in successive rings around the helm, say 1" or two 2" rings, starting at the bottom working to the top, allowing the resin to cure (completely harden) before moving on, it is entirely possible to prevent distortion or collapse... but I do agree that it if it were me, I would chalk it up to an "opps" and start over in card stock. The paper helm will make an awesome soveneir, and maybe when you get alot of time, you could take the time to resin it in small sections at a time.
I'd agree...for the sake of time, effort, and quality you should just start over with the right mats. Consider the first one a test run. Spase said you could put the old one on your desk or smash it to bits for therapeutic reasons?
(I might have done the latter once...)

Seriously, am I the only person who actually succesfully made a regular paper helm and made it look good? :cautious:

Reinforce it with lots of cardboard on the inside, then resin it. It will still warp a little bit no matter what you do so be ready to spend awhile fixing it up.

If you don't want to go through all of that then do it again with cardstock. I would also read the stickies as this question is answered at the beginning of the Fiberglassing and Smoothing sticky.
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