How to make your own spartan helmet, a good start

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i found this at the rpf site and thought that it might help some people out on making there own helmet



That's purty cool. I think I may steal that quick way to make the top part for the base of my Master Chief Helmet. I'm too cheap and lazy to go grab a used Baseball Helmet.
well thats what i was hoping people will do it looks like a good base to start from
Nice find Link.

Make sure that some form of this finds its way into the Tutorial Links thread. Maybe just a link to this page.

i think I might make one of these just for fun. It looks like a relatively easy project, and the end product isn't too shabby.
Bondo is Auto body filler, so look at automotive parts stores. Bondo is a brand name, so depending where you're at it may be called other things... like body filler, or resin filler. What you want is the thick stuff... not liquid resin.
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