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Hey guys, I've been wondering how to put up a video for my avatar. My current one is okay, but not finished. I've seen adams, nicktendo's and other peoples avatars where they're videos so I was wondering how to do that. I go into avatar settings, and go down to the image browse thing and put in my video, but when I press upload, it just gives the first picture/ frame. What do I do?? :mad:

Yeah, I just found my image somewhere. You should just try and find a GIF you like instead of trying to convert a video. That takes a lot of work.
If it doesn't work, the file size might be too big for the forum to upload it for you, in that case, upload it to somewhere else like imageshack or something, and then link it to here.
Photoshop it into a animated .gif

Open the video in photoshop and convert it into a .gif. works perfect.

I made mine from scratch, but watch, it plays
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