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Suicide- Not worth it. My life isn't that great, either. My parents are over critical. I'm failing half my classes. I can't go a week without getting yelled at. You have no idea how many times I've thought about killing myself. What you guys may not know is that I have serious psychological problems. I'm afraid to talk to people about things. But, no matter what happens, I do my best to look on the bright side, and I keep going. Trust me, people have said it before, and I'll say it agin: Suicide is not the way. I don't know about the other people here, but you will be sorely missed by me if you do. You can and will get through this.
Everyone's complaining about life these days. *Sigh*
Just sit down and think of all the good things about life, and how lucky you are to be alive.
Jarhead said:
Would I be correct in assuming that if someone other than 'officer friendly' he wouldn't have got off so easy?

You would indeed. However, I fear this is going off-topic.
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Well Primal, all I have to say is we typically try to keep people positive and alive on this forum ;). Espcially when they are on the verge of potential suicide, your comments were not needed in this thread.

As for you LS, Once I get some Halo 3 going this december, we can play that together, Otherwise you will have to join me in playing Halo 2. Hope you are feeling a bit better.

dude, suicide is not worth it, if your alive, you can do something about your situation, you still have lots of time to do so as well, if your dead....well...your a rotting corpse in the ground, do you want to be a rotting corpse in the ground? Or do you want to try to do something about your life and only accept defeat when your dead, so long as your alive, you can still do something, my life sucks too, every time I try to play call of duty 4, it resets my stats and I never rank up anymore, and it disconnects me and lags every other round, it's awful, maybe I will go kill myself.

That was a joke btw. Seriously, just look at things in terms of long-term, rather then short-term, if a girl dumps you, why get sad, because she obviously didn't like you enough to want to stay with you, so it's good that she dumped you, means you can go and find someone better and more suitable.

Hope things work out well for you, suicide is really never worth it.
Well leadingspartan, its tough for many people to deal with life, but it is useless to throw it away, it accoplishes nothing. Talking to your friends, online buddies and your fellow Spartans allows you a place to vent. I personally write down my problems in a small booklet and read over what they are, be it a dumpin by my-x, or my wallet was stolen. then by reading and re-reading this problems i can come up with solutions. my-x dumped me, there are more fish in the sea, and its not all that bad. my wallet was stolen, i can purchase a new wallet and get my ID's and licences back via a few phone calls. there is no problem to which there is no solution. Trust me, and with the 405th.com you always have a place to free yourself from your burdens and feel happy. And if playing on live with friends helps then play on live and have fun.

I hope this helps.
Hang in there man, its always the darkest before the light.
Suicide is not an option. It is not any option. In fact, why the heck did people even have a name for killing themselves.

Anywhoo, I know someone that has about 20 of her friends die either from drug abuse, bad luck, or suicide. She always said that the drug abusers and the people who had bad luck were the one's she wept over for nights on end. The suicides, she did not even loose sleep over. She said, that if people want to be remembered, they should do something with their life instead of end it. She always said that if people were having a bad day and didn't feel like living anymore, it is their fault for killing themselves.

How do I know this? It's because I considered suicide seriously about a year ago. Everything went downhill. I was the laughing stock of high school. I was being bullied. The person I wanted to ask out to a movie absolutely hated me, and I pulled through.

LS, I know your situation a lot worse than mine was, but you have got to hang in. Push through. This would be out of Chief's hand if he was in your situation. The one piece of advice that I will leave you with is to rethink a decision. Fake sick from school for a few days (It's your decision), and re-evaluate your decision. I guarantee you that suicide will be a joke in a month's time.

If I had Xbox live, I'd be playing with you right now. (Damn internet)

eskimobob said:
Hang in there man, its always the darkest before the light.

There are no better words for this subject than those just stated by eskimobob.
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I may not know how bad things are for you, or others out there. But I do know just reading these posts you would be missed by a lot of people. When I was in the service a guy I knew committed suicide. I will never forget his parents coming to our duty station to pick up his personal effects. I will never forget how stupid I felt for having nothing helpful to say to them.
For me the whole experience taught me first hand how many people our lives, or deaths effect. I have been in very bad situations, and I have been so deeply depressed that I lost friends over it. But like all things in time it got better. Granted when I was in the middle of it I couldn't see a way for it to get better. Hang in there man, once this is behind you I bet you will find a new better Girl friend.
Lifes just got to much drama, distance yourself from all the drama and I guarantee you that you will feel better once you do that.
Look, I only can get on here sporadically as some may have noticed. Halo fan at heart and my life to me has always been nothing.

The best I have is parents who care about me, and my older sibling who helps me when I feel down sometimes.

Countless times from middle school up have I thought about killing myself... every time my parents would yell at me, I couldn't look in their eyes because every time I did, I thought about how they would feel if I did. If you do kill yourself, you have to account for all those who would be hurt. I've had 2 or 3 friends who have committed suicide this year. And a few more who have just simply died. Also more reason of thinking I should kill myself.

I have no money, no job, nothing special in my life other than my computer which every few weeks gets taken from me. But now that I think about it I'm only 15.

This site always, always makes me soooo jealous, envious, and sad because I don't have enough money or resources to even do pepurakura.

For years, years I've always wanted armor or even a helmet I could call my own... never have. Even more then just Halo... I have a fascination with armor and headgear... don't know why...

I've never done some of the things I've wanted to do in life (like, for instance, riding a dirtbike just once in my life), and all I can say without sounding like an ******* is you need to get over it. Things happen, people are jerks. Some good things happen, some don't. (Trust me I know) A lot more bad things and bad moments will happen in life then good things.

So if anyone even read this, I appreciate it. And I'm sorry for the way you were treated. This is the first advice I've ever given out and I hope it helps you.

P.S. One more thing I wanted to add. Hope.

Hope is very powerful. And you need to have it. Even if it's false hope, it's better to believe in something that will never happen then not have any beliefs. Take for example my dad told me he would do something for me a few years ago and my real hope turned into false hope. I knew he was never going to do it, but I believed in him. Have hope for a better future.
If you wait and be patient, you'll find a job and get money for this hobby, I always wanted to be a stormtrooper since I was like 9 years old, and I never had the cash for a armor kit, I couldnt even fit into one when I saw how tall they really were, now I'm 17, I have a job and can afford really anything as long as I save for it.

Things come with time.
Hang in there Spartan, when the pain reers it's ugly head again, it's not worth taking your life over. Crap like this builds character and makes you stronger.

And not even saying anyone is a dork or anything, places like these forums are where some people need to come to be heard and helped, and sometimes it's all some people have, It helps them step away from their reality sometimes.
Yeah.....Everyone has a time in life where they contemplate suicide. I did.
Last year my friends brother commited suicide. There is no possible reason to kill yourself.

Cheer up....not everyone in the world sucks! You still have us, and we dont think you suck.
be happy to be alive.

You WILL die, but why now? live it up a bit!
Leading Spartan.

The best advice I can give you is that time heals all wounds. I've been through my fair share of troubles, as I think everyone goes through during a certain stage of life, and I look back at all that now and consider how lucky I am that I made it though it all.

There are just challenges that life throws at you sometimes that feel insurpassable, but given time the problems solve themself. Just remember that if you can manage to rise above the negativity, and the turmoil that your life throws at you that you'll be a stronger person for it.

Be strong, find an outlet for your emotions, and you'll get through it alright.
Now, I dont know if this will be offensive, but i quote George Carlin.....

"Life is not that complicated. You get up, go to work, eat 3 meals, take one good S$%# and go back to bed. Whats the F#@$in mystery?"

Now, if you live by that, i think that your outlook on life will be a bit better. dont take offense to this. George Carlin has a colorful vocabulary.

Good luck to you. If this is a storm, it will blow over soon.
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