I Need Some Help Scaleing O_O


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Hey im keir. im new to the 405th comunity but on my way to building some sweet recon armour. so far iv built the MK6 chest armour *unfold by L3X* and the recon chest adon by Belakor both are perfect.. (heres some shiftey pics...)

my problem is.. i simply cant get the scale right for anything other than the chest. it seems no matter how acurately i set everything up pepakura just prints the wrong size (im just a noob and cant scale things right).

Can somebody please PLEASE help me understand how scaleing in pepakura works. im currently trying to scale my codpeice and thighs (can post pics of my failures if anyones interested)

im doing HD armour from this site ( http://sites.google.com/site/soullesssin/Home/armor-files ) i would really apreciate if someone could assist me in scaleing or recomend some diferent HD files for MK6 armour.

Thanks allot guys. Keir.


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hmm, thanks, i was using this a wee while back and completely destroyed me :/ i have some nice referance and my math is sound but it seems to give me wrong sizes.. i dont why when i print something to be say 250MM but when i assemble it it turns out more like 200MM :S

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ARe you printing it on the right size paper? (letter vs. A4) And I think you have to put about 5mm on everything, because my printer seems to shrink my peps too. (peped a chest tester at 330 mm across. measured it in at like 310)


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yea man i reset all the stuff... edit dodgey unfolds reset paper size and generaly customise the whoal thing to hell and back... but the scale just wants to rip my soul apart.


Check to make sure your printer settings are correct. If you have a setting "fit to printable area" (or something similar) checked it will enlarge or reduce the piece to the size of the paper. This is an easily over looked mistake.

If you are using A4 paper and try to print on Letter and have this checked it will shrink your project to a smaller size.

Or if you have the settings reversed. Letter settings on A4 paper with teh Fit to printable area the result will enlarge the print job.

Hope this helps,