I think emo girls are cute

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I'm not emo! My wrists were itchy, and I was scratching them...With a razor.
And I'm sure everyone's heard about 'down the street, not across the road'.

As for Adreneline's ban, that's nothing. I heard this guy got a ban from Xbox Live 'till the year 9999.

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Most are white as ghosts and damn creepy. On top of that most of them stare at me wierd. I dislike emo people as a whole just because they usually USUALLY are all disturbed/disturbing to me. The only exception is my friend Devon, and he is just plain wierd. Like me and all my friends but in a differnt sense.


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Silverzippo93 said:
You know what....I'm beggining to think you ARE adreniline.
rofl its kinda obivious look at his sig and his Username. watch the next person post here.
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