im bak u armor making nut heads


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im not wating 5 month to get back in so im back lol plz any mod will close this it would be nice
If you're going to stay around here, learn proper spelling sentence construction. Anything like your las visit could result in getting IP banned.

colmon 9

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rvb18 said:
im not wateing 5 month to get bak in so im bak lol plz any mod will close this it would be nice
I'm not waiting 5 months to get back in so I'm back lol. it would be nice if a mod could close this.

thats the best translation i could make

I'm presuming he was baned and he doesn't want to wait.
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well i can make another email acount then make new one here then bam back again.


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yes but i can ceap on doing that maybe change my name they wont know its in your face.
Do you know what an IP ban is? It's a way to keep irratants from bothering a site by not allowing anyone from the banned IP from signing on to the site that issued the ban. There is one level higher than IP ban but that's reserved for real offensive hard cases and I only know of a very few that have warrented that level of restriction.
Actually there IS a way to get out of an IP ban, but I won't go there. And if you PM me I won't tell you....unless you offer me free quality armor. :D


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*sigh* idiot your gunna get yourself kicked for every and if you return more there are ways to get rid of you.


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Especially, if you come back and keep telling everyone who you used to be. Did anyone report this yet or should I do the honors?