I'm done. just done.

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done with prop building. for good. everyone in the prop business is nothing but mean to me because im not a damn professional like they are.
tl;dr version: delete my account, i hate this crap.
Yooooo. Dude, Don't give up like that. Prop building is a self fulfilling past time. You do it because you want to. At the end of the day everyone can hate what you have done and that will be ok, because if your happy with whatever you have built then that's all that matters. Keep it up and don't give up easily. Some people are just good and they make amazing stuff that I could never make. I still make my stuff though because I improve in skill over time. I am currently making my first Halo suit, It is Soooo far from perfect. It has some holes and dimples and some seams are bigger than I would like, don't even get me started on the thighs, one is bigger than the other by an inch. Anyway, what you will find is that if you make stuff for yourself, because it makes you happy you will be unshakable and nobody can tare you down. All my friends tell me I'm wasting my time and that my stuff looks stupid. But Screw them. Don't give up bro. Never Give Up!!! Never Surrender!! :)
Hey dude, chin up! I once read on tumblr that if you run into mean people that means you're going the right direction - just like in video games! Nobody started off as a professional and nobody expects you to do things right the first try, I'm currently working on my very first Halo costume and I know it's probably gonna look terrible, but I won't know unless I keep going, and if it does turn out to look not as I expected it to, I can just learn from the mistakes I made. Keep positive and don't give up!
Who cares if you're not 'Professional'? You're doing it because you want to, and at the end of the day that's the only thing that matters, not what some idiot says. Basically, don't let what someone else says stop you from doing something that you love.

And if at first you don't succeed, try again until you get it right (or until you think it's right).
Prop making is a learning experience for everyone walking down this track, everyone starts from the beginning and works their way to greatness. Don't let a few knuckle heads get to you. besides, the prop making community is filled with genuine people who only wish to help you succeed in all that you do, as well as lend a hand with their own knowledge. At the end of the day, you're doing what you love and creating something you can take pride in. And that in itself is enough to keep doing it no matter what. Spartans don't give in. stay true to yourself man :)
Hi nerdtron99 , I don't believe we've encountered each other at any events yet, but I wanted to just voice my support and say I'm glad you're still building props. We're glad to have you as a member of the 405th, and we don't care about your experience level or how big a part of your life it is, as long as you're passionate and having fun.

If there's any way we can help you feel more included, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 405thpacific@gmail.com
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I'll shadow pretty much what everybody else has said here - keep at it.

My first attempts at Pepakura looked like absolute arse, I'm not even kidding you. If I could show you some of my earliest attempts I would - my first project was a pre-release Halo 3 Scout helmet build, from a model file that almost certainly bore no resemblance to the actual helmet. I used the wrong type of card, I used the wrong cutting implements, I used the wrong glue, and by the end of it I had sore, cramped hands. I hated what I'd built, and if I'd posted the finished result I'd have rightfully been laughed at. But, I stuck with it, got some practise in - and most importantly, I learned to persevere.

Yeah, some people have built gear that looks like the product of an unholy one-night union between a Challenger tank and the back end of a London bus. But hey, we all start somewhere - keep at it, or you'll never get anywhere. Don't give up because a few arseholes said some mean things to you on the Internet. Ignore them.
I as well will give you a chin up. I am glad you have decided to not give up on prop making. Most professionals have started exactly where you are now. That place is learning. If any professional tries to tell you that they know it all, then they are full of hot air, and I wouldn't gie them the time of day. Everyone has the possibility of learning a new way of doing something. Sometimes someone who has no idea of "It can't be done that way" does it that way, and proves out amazing results.

Enjoy yourself. Find pleasure in what you make. Keep learning. Keep improving your skills. Own your creations and rock them out, be they a Miss Spartan, a Minion Grunt, a Movie quality armor.
To get better takes mistakes.... you need to just screw up! Be safe . But make mistakes.

In my first year of middle school I make a dinky Tesla coil that was never working right.
It would burst caps and burn up transformers. ( jam my LAN in the home . )
I learned AC math to understand what was going on with the thing.( it was WAY over coupled)
A few years of learning and many dead neon sign transformers.
I manged to get a 14kV pole pig and some Big freaking caps.
This is what happened on my final coil I built for my self.Venom.
Venom can do 12Feet. normal is 8 or so. My mentors coil can do 120 FEET! they are known as Kva Effects.

To make anything from a game or a movie takes skill and loads of it .
Heck I spent 9 Years in college studying Electronics Engineering along with
theater costume and makeup design.
Ive learned just enough know Ive got a very long way to go!!

I drool over the suits I see here. but that just make me wanna improve.
Every thing you learn adds to your final skill set.
Your personal toolbox in your head...

If there is a part of props you don't get.
Then take a small risk and try something you Can do then mod it .
SO lets say you wanna try casting . I would make a blocky magnum. I mean make it ULGY as heck. then learn to lay on the outter cast. make a few solid casts .

Any build is a chain of steps. learn the steps and then link them up.

People can sometimes really let their ego get out of hand when they are on Forums. A simple question could lead to "Why did you not ask it in a more efficient manner?". Later the same person is more focused on roasting someone than actually giving a real answer. Like if you aren't going to respond with an answer how are you any help at all lol?
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