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I was wondering how active do I have to be to stay in a regiment?
Honestly, be as active as you want, there is no punishment. However, I must say staying active helps the community, it will help keep you motivated to finish that costume and share your progress with a large group of proffessional craftsmen, artists and propmakers that will give free tips and advice. Also by keeping tabs on the forum you will know when we have special events and let you lnow where you can wear your suit to join us as there will be many many events.


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And you can check what events here in the Cons List......and serenko3 is right.....there are a ton of people here that will be glad to help and guide you to build the best suit you can.

Poof Donut

New Member
Name: Ellie
Call tag: Poof Donut / Valkyrie
Age: 19
Location: York County, Maine
Occupation: Student
About me: I am a gaming junkie, name any game and chances are I've played it. I first got really big into Halo around 2010, When Reach was the big cheeze. Now i am fufilling my childhood dream of becoming my very own Spartan.

Deaths Backhand

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Name: Chase
Call tag: Backhand
Age: 27
Location: Maryland/DC
Occupation: Gaming QA.
About me: Passionate gamer. Loves pizza and MTN DEW to a point where an intervention isn't needed but wouldn't be unexpected. Halo 2 was the big jumping point where I wanted to become a game developer. As of now, I'll settle for QA as I'm working on my portfolio and degree lol. I've always wanted to make my own ODST or Spartan 3- SPI Armor. I tried my hand at making an ODST SMG with layered cardboard a few years back. Might still have it somewhere...