Introducing Spitfire Company 3D Print + EVA foam

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SI3RRA 117

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Small update: got a a “few” free minutes to play with some armor.
First: got the base color on the Deadeye chest! This was a total of 30 pieces. So...... lots and lots of seams. I threw in the towel on the sanding and just painted the thing. Have a lot of fancy red, white and black to do. But hey it’s got paint!


Second: was able to assemble a couple of shins and apply some filler primer. Still more sanding to do on these

Last: while all this was in the works. I attempted to test my large print area. Printing a thigh piece as one. YAY no seams!! This is sure to be a game changer! Also trying some Amazon Basics PLA to cut down costs of filament. Bought these as a multi pack so ended up being $13 per roll. Printing large piece as one uses a lot more supports and a lot more plastics. So hopefully this will help.

Well that’s it for this one! Until next time, happy building.
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Looking awesome! What method do you use to glue/connect your pieces? Sorry if you covered it previously, I did not see.

SI3RRA 117

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Looking awesome! What method do you use to glue/connect your pieces? Sorry if you covered it previously, I did not see.
I weld/melt them together with a wood burning pencil. Melt deep on the inside and try and smooth the pieces together on the outside. I haven’t had too much luck with adhesives.

The shins in the pics have a removable relief to slide foot in. So those will have a visible seam.34E0BDAB-DB02-48FF-815E-3C637B27CE27.jpeg0BD91FE0-589E-4E7B-ACE7-420E519C5996.jpeg

SI3RRA 117

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Little bit of progress on the builds.
Well my budget PLA didn’t pan out. Nothing but clogged nozzles, wasted time and a few more gray hairs. So I sent that stuff back and tried some new stuff I’m quite happy with. Also ironing out the kinks of stepping up tbe nozzle size. This has definetly knocked down some of the print time of these larger pieces. Think I might need to buy some larger spools of filament, they disappear quick on these large print.

So anyway, pics or it never happened right? Here’s the latest pieces.

I like the way these turned out. Big thanks to CarterBuilder12 for the awesome files!!!

And then we got some finger bits. Just waiting for the moment one of these turns up missing.

So Feeling good about the printer finally putting out some decent pieces.
So hopefully things will start coming together here pretty soon. I guess that’s it for the moment.
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SI3RRA 117

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Another small update:
Been a printing fool as of late. Got almost all of the leg armor printed.

And we got some more paint on the Deadeye build. My son laid out the scheme. I was impressed. He put a little more effort into this unlike the single stripe on the forearms. He based it on one of the H5 fotus schemes. Sad thing is he’s pretty much already outgrown it, chest is definitely on the small side. But I didn’t see it taking 2 yrs for me to get this far. But oh well I’m going to see them through. They’ll look good an some mannequins.

Still a lot left on it to do with lights weathering a padding still left.