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Is anyone excited about the Ironman movie. I think its gonna be cool. Robert Downey Jr. is playing tony stark.

i never expect live-action movies that are made from comics/cartoons to be any good cuz with cartoons and the such its easy to just make up the perfect person for the role and with live action you cant really do than
WHAA??!?? Since when was there an IronMan movie?!? He is not only badass, but my favorite super hero besides DeadPool and Archangel. Downey Jr? Isn't that the dude, that does drugs and gets caught? :hyper:
im gonna go see ghostrider he was my favorite, too bad in 5th grade my teacher took my comics of him i bet they would be worth lots now. :evil:
see i love the superheros made to movie thing. i havent read too many of the different stories of the heros but i like to see it live action, even if it doesnt follow the story to a t
Can't wait for this movie, When I'm done my MC costume I'm gonna try and make one of Iron man for the movie/ game release in '08

Meanwhile anyone willing to take on a challenge see if you can out do the pros mask.


personaly I am going to model mine on a more current version of iron man

Ben: I love that new Iron Man look. Thats gonna make one sweet set of armor!

Mustang68 wrote:
Downey Jr? Isn't that the dude, that does drugs and gets caught?
Thats true, but he isn't a bad actor. Besides, Tony Stark/Iron Man was never a shining example of sobriety either. It's kinda become a joke, but in the comics Iron Man did have a serious drinking problem, even had his suit taken away for a while by the authorities after killing a diplomat...

The 'ABC Afterschool Special: Don't Drink and Wear BioMechanical Exoskeleton Armor' will return after these messages... :mrgreen:

Everything you ever wanted to know about Iron Man:
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I was nervous abuot RDJ playing Tony until i saw him in an interview and i think he will do alright.

Im always nervous about these ;comic book movies because lately well since they started they are hit and miss either we love them or hate them.
im definitely stoked about this movie. robert downey jr is perfect for the part. the part of a bored alchoholic billionaire will be played by a bored drug addicted millionaire. its not much of a stretch. they are both pompous, and speak quickly with a lot of technical jargon.

as far as the armor, its a real suit. downey actually wore it during filming. in fact, he insisted on wearing it, not allowing a stunt double to do it. he said it was torture, but that the torture was exactly what he felt was necessary to understand what Stark feels. IMO, he will be great.
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