Is doin this alright???

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Im just wondering my mom wont let me buy resin since it is too expensive so, can i just do fiberglass, and then use bondo as a substitude for resin? Or is bondo more expensive than resin?
i think it will cost more then resin in the end and im not to sure if bondo would work the same, we don’t have it over here so im not familiar with it.
bondo being so thick would make fiberglass fall off right away, if your mom wont let you buy 1 can of resin, then i'd forget making the armor, the armor cost 50-100 dollars for a Ok set.
You can get it at pretty much any auto body shop or parts store. I got mine from Auto zone. But Home depot or Lows should have it. I spent $14 for one Qrt.
Spartan-A17 said:
ok but how much is resin and where do i get i heard its like 60 buck, and where do u get fiber glass?
Where did you "hear" that it was 60 bucks? Might just be your mom not wanting you working with dangerous chemicals (just saying :) ) It is only around $15-$20 per quart, depending on where you get it (those are just the prices I have seen poking around online) so you could potentially do it for cheap. Unfortunately I have read that most people use 2-3 cans for a full helmet, but I suppose 1 could do it if you use it sparingly.
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Theres no way resin cost 60 dollars, a gallon of bondo resin cost 32 dollars, a small quart will cost 12-14 dollars and do half the armor, you will spend 100+ dollars so just have atleast 200 at your spending.
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6. Q: HAy canU mak sum armer for me plz and I can't spend alot of munney forit RU going to give me UR armer if I ask nicely and congrats and stuff for HALO armor yadda yadda yadda?
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Same place as the resin. Autobody shops, lows,

2-3 cans for a helm? Ive only used about half a can and Im almost done with my armor.
A helmet will take half of a $10 dollar can of resin. And you only need one package of fiberglass cloth:$6.00. The card stock is cheap, Krylon Spray adhesive (recommended to temporarily attach fiberglass cloth pieces to inside of helmet before resining. Makes it soooo much easier) is $4 a can. Use a plastic liter soda bottle bent w/ hair drier for visor (free). Bondo is $8 for a small (hard to find. bout the size of an apple) can, and you can use a single color of spray paint:$4.00. All the sandpaper you need is under 1 dollar Lets see...that came to 34 dollars. Thats cheaper than what you "thought" the resin was. Add 10 dollars for good luck and you have a helmet!
Spartan-A17 said:
Thank you guys all, but how much resin would i need for a full suit, and Master Chef could u teah me how to make a visor?

I bought a gallon of resin for $30 at autozone and still have a lot left over even after making my entire suit. I used 4 packs of the 8 sq ft. fiberglass cloth at $5 a piece.

I actually spent more money on my spray paint than my fiberglassing materials hehe. Krylon ftw.

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1 quart wont do the entire suit unless you use 1 layer inside and out.

I use 2 layers outside, 1 inside, fiberglass it, then add another layer over the glass so it makes the peice rock hard.
You mean do 2 layers on the inside...your not supposed to fiberglass the outside. It tough to shape that way. But a quart should do a helm and a good deal of armor. Oh and to learn how to make a good visor, go to the dual layer tutorial at the top of the pepakura armor forum. Use black silicone to attach to inside of helmet whether or not you do dual layer.
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