Is this thing on? - I have so many questions and need a lot of help and direction.


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Yo people so today i met a 405th member and i mentioned i've always had a interest in picking up full suit cosplay, specifically halo as its my childhood

I'm incredibly ametuer at cosplay, only having cosplayed 3 times pre-covid and havent since, bummer.

I need to know rough costs, ofc i need a printer/ foampaint etc
if it matters i'm a skinny ass 6'3 bloke, ik that would effect material cost

I have 3 Spartans in mind:
Six - with shattered visor - if possible does anyone have print files for all the armour peices in reach, that way i can costomise them to my og build from the 360 days
and Jorge

is the inheritor visor build able irl?

also could I magically engineer a working armor effect like the skull flames?

in case you cant tell, reach is my favorite game in the series haha, so lemme know people, can someone wiith little to no cosplay experience like me still pull it off?

my discord is therealqilin, if anyone reaches out to me preface that you saw this thread, thanks!

Welcome Qilin! This is
Forum is a great resource for all things halo and we are more than willing to help out. I would suggest digging through some of the existing threads. There are a few builds that do a cost breakdown of their supplies but rest assured that this is not a particularly cheap hobby.

3d printing is an excellent medium for halo cosplay, a lot of people here use EVA foam as well and have great suits. Also EVA tends to be more comfortable. Not saying you can't make 3d printed armor comfy but it's def easier with foam.

The upfront cost of a printer tends to be the main thing that scares people away from 3d printing as a hobby. You can pick up the Ender 3 line for relatively cheap. I would check out the "What's your printer?" Thread for ideas on printers.

For files I would check out our armory section. Also there's a 3d print repository somewhere on here. Also, thingiverse is a great place for files. I think the talented MoeSizzlac has put some reach suits on there for free. Finding files is always kind of a struggle for printing tho. Most people don't put their work up for free.

With regards to the flaming skull, I'm sure it's possible and people here have done some awesome things for shield effects and armor effects but idk how to do it so can't help there.

Halo cosplays may be a difficult place to start but it's definitely doable. If you have cosplayed 3 times before then you are more experienced than *cough* some of the people here... (I haven't had a chance to actually cosplay yet). My first cosplay is still in progress.

Also Reach is the best game. It's so awesome. Every mission is so good!

Welcome to the forum! Keep us updated on your build!
I need to know rough costs, ofc i need a printer/ foampaint etc
if it matters i'm a skinny ass 6'3 bloke, ik that would effect material cost
Cost Analysis of my new mk 7:

Cost Analysis of Rock Lobbster 's mk 7

Cost Analysis of my chief suit

I'm sure there's more of these on the 405th, but these are the only ones that I know of off the top of my head.
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I had a ghost ping on this thread but for the rough cost of a barebones suit without considering tools and consumables expect several hundred dollars in base construction materials and then paint and finishing. Once you get into fancier suits with more exotic materials and electrical features don't be surprised to see a total cost of materials (again ignoring tools and time) to be a low four figure value. For example my first ODST was about $500 and my most recent MkVII suit being around $1400

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