Is the Reach System Down?


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So i just signed in today and for some reason i went from Brigadier to not even a recruit! Here is the the thing though, i sign out of xbox live and i'm a Brigadier again. I signed on and off of live about 3 or 4 times with the same results. I tried to look at my stats on and it said the system was down for both reach and halo 3. Is this happening becasue of the transition to 343? Has anyone else tried to sign in?

Edit: When i press start while im signed in i still have my credits, armor and my real rank, however to some one else it looks like im the lowest rank. Maybe its just a bug in the system.

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This has happened for a short periods before. Your character will probably be the default and you won't have a service tag. It'll right itself within a few hours I would guess.

I suspect it has something to do with the system being revised in some way but it's probably not something that anyone would notice afterward.
I just let it load the game type and it fixed itself. It said "Loading information from reach server" It took longer than usual but when it loaded all the way and allowed me to play my rank and armor was back


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Wasn't it today that or yesterday that control of the Reach servers was passed on from Bungie to 343i? Maybe that has something to do with it...


Yah, probably has to do with the new control. Might take a few hours for them to maintain control. I'm now a stupid recruit. Darn, I was a General


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Well, remember that 343's servers are slow, and they suck at mantaining things, so we are screwed. Also the biggest problem:

When I am done with a match, and I have say, 51-2 ratio, and all kinds of sprees, and all kinds of points,

IT DOSENT GIVE ME MY DANG CREDITS, BECAUSE I "reached the credit limit for that rank"

It makes me want to go play Halo 3 and beat the crap out of the monitor. ( [343] guilty spark, get it?)