Knife making continues.


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Still working on this advanced knife. I have a journeyman smith coaching me through this one, but unfortunately he can't be with me all the time to hover over my work. Much of it I have to work out for myself. Forged into shape, pre-heat treat grind, heat treated and tempered. I got it to hardness 59 rockwell. In the middle of post heat treat grinding now and taking it very carefully.








I also had to make a custom machete to smash down the blackberry I am constantly blocked by on my prospecting trips.

High carbon steel, hardened and tempered as per normal, but afterwards, given a spring temper by submerging the cutting edge in water and using a propane torch to blue the back. This one didn't have to look pretty, just do the job. I took it up to the goldfields last weekend and smashed my way through to the creek. Works a treat!




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These are all so beautiful! I wish I had my own forge... how did you get such a dark color in your Damascus? Also, what type of wood is that? I love it!


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I etched that particular blade with ammonium persulphate instead of my normal ferric chloride followed by coffee. It's the stuff they etch circuit boards with. Horrible stuff that can really mess up your knife. You have to mix it as weak as piss or it will eat your blade.

The Wood is beefwood/casuarina, (sheoak) olive and redgum.