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L3X's File Database

First off, let me start with this. Not all of these models are mine! Some of the files are just unfolds that i have done over time. The model creator's name will be in the file and in the pictures below what the file is. And, unless stated otherwise, these are unfolded by me. Thanks for your time.

To anyone who's model(s) appear hear, I would really like to thank you for releasing them for everyone to use! And, these will be updated whenever I get a chance.

Halo 3/ODST​

Mark VI Mjolnir Torso Armor
CQB Torso Attachment
Recon Torso Attachment
EOD Torso Attachment
HD Scout Helmet
ODST Dutch
HD CQB Helmet (H3)
HD CQB Visor Buck
Recon Helmet Top Detail

Halo Reach

Ral Partha has been kind enough to develop a way to determine the scale for each individual:
I've been looking at L3X's torso model (awesome, btw) and I've come up with a scaling formula for this. Measure the width of your shoulders in centimeters. Use a picture of Noble-6 to see which points on the shoulders you should measure. Then use the formula below:

Assembled Height (in mm) = 10.4 x (shoulder width in cm)

Hope this helps.

Male Mark V Mjolnir Torso Armor (V3)
Grenadier Torso Attachent (M)
HP/Halo Torso Attachment (M)
ODST Torso Attachment (M)
UA/Base Security (M)
Operator Shoulder
Security Shoulder
Security Shoulder V2
Security Shoulder Kukri and sliced Sheath

Halo Reach Foam

1. Male Mark V Mjolnir Foam (V3)
2. Male Mark V Mjolnir Foam (V4) <---- This has a lot more detail and is slightly more difficult to build!
3. Foam Bicep Template (M)
4. Foam Abs Wrap (M)
5. Foam Thigh Template (M)
6. Foam Shin Template (M)
7. Foam Cod (M)
8. Foam FJ/Para Knee Template - taken down until sizing issues are solved :(
9. Foam Mark V Shoulder
10. Foam Forearm Template
11. Foam Forearm Template V2
12. Female Mark V Mjolnir Foam (V4)
13. Foam Bicep Template (F)
14. Foam Cod Template (F)
15. Foam Thigh Template (F)
16. Foam Shin Template (F)

Halo 4

Mk VII Bicep (M)


Reach Sniper Rifle
H3 HD Sliced Mauler
Sliced H3 Sniper Collection
Sliced MA5C Assault Rifle
Sliced Brute Spiker
Sliced M6C Socom
Sliced BR55 Battle Rifle This model and unfold are done by Bevbor, I take no credit for it. Just supplying a new source for it.
Sliced H4 Battle Rifle
I will test the shin model. I will begin work on it tomorrow. (the 31st) I luckily have one last sheet of foam. that will include the FJ/para attachment. Thank you so much for these templates. they have really come in handy with my build.
Just to let you know the knee attachment is a bit too small. The base of the part that attaches to the shin should be the same length as the top of the shin with the indented part. Like here:
Hey L3X, I'm building your CQB helmet ATM (awesome file btw) just wondering if you have done, or are planning any other CQB armor components, other than what's here. Cheers!
L3X, I would like to make a foam request if I may. I was wondering if you could make mid section armor such as the one in timecon's thread.

Im new to this, but his is the most helpful one Ive found so far, Thank you.
Just one question, do you have the lay out for the groin armor and the armor that goes over boots and gloves
Im new to this, but his is the most helpful one Ive found so far, Thank you.
Just one question, do you have the lay out for the groin armor and the armor that goes over boots and gloves

^^ This here is a thread which includes all the information someone new to the community could need. As for the armour parts you seek, > http://www.405th.com/showthread.php/...-Pepakura-Pack < this link will take you to a free downloadable Pepakura pack that contains almost every armour piece you would need. L3X has a few pieces in there, I've build the HD CQB helmet myself.

Hope this helps and welcome to the 405th!
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