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i dont knwo where it is, just go into coop and shin eyour light and look at it with the other player, it might be right side havent played in a while, brother has my game at college XD.
The problem here is that you are saying that because it looks like there are only lights on one side (from first person view in-game) that we should put lights only on one side of our armor...

Well, I know it looks like there are only lights on one side in game, but when you see the Master Chief from second person view, there are clearly lights on either side of the helmet. We aren't going to make the armor to reproduce a minor oversight in the first person view not matching the placement of the lights on the character model...

Have you considered that when you turn on the flashlight in the game, that it's most likely coming from the gun you are carrying???
in co-op it comes from the left side of his helmet im pretty sure, go into co-op and look at it with the second player when the first player turns on his light, and im pretty sure there is only one.
Well, I'll check it out in a Campaign game tonight. I still have to say though that my feelings are that this was simple oversight and that the lights on either side of the helmet are meant to be there.

If anyone with a capture card out there has a pic of this phenomenon, please post something up here to settle the debate.
If I remember correctly, there's just a flashlight thing on the RIGHT side of his helmet (left if you're FACING him), but the actual model for his helmet does have 4 smaller lights on the 2 sides, it would probably just be two hard to efectively animate four seperate light sources/shadows, so they just used the one big one. And 4 smaller ones looks cooler. :lindsey:
It looks to me like there is only one light on the right side of the helmet, but it doesn't emit from one of the two holes on that side, it just appears out of nowhere. I got a GameBridge the other day, so I made a video. In the low-res video it looks like it might be shining from the top hole. Just watch the helmet at the top of the screen. I'm sorry, but the video is a little over 2MB, so it may not stream very well. Here's the link:


I hope this will answer some of the questions you guys have. Let me know if there are any other videos that might be helpful.
yeah it definatly comes from his helmet and its just one light, but there are 4 on the model, three just dont do anything
well i think its just some bungie so they wount have to put lights on both sides...my .02
guys guys. the game only renders one light so the beam looks better while in 1st person view. however, the model has 4 "lights" as in a real spartan helmet would light up in all 4 locations. :lindsey:
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