Lengendary Edition Helm

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Alright, so I'm planning on casting then molding the Helm that comes with the legendary edition, this will be my first EVER molding project so i have some questions.

Which is the best to use, silicone or urethane?
What type of silicone/urethane is the best

I noticed while watching Adams slush casting video that the back of his mold is not square, if i could figure out how to cover the mold with a good layer of silicone without filling out the entire mold box, it would save me a lot of materials and money.

what should the key mold be made out of?

approximately how much silicone/urethane will i need to make a mold of the helm? (don't want to over/under buy)

where is the best/cheapest place to buy my supplies

Here's the things i know ill need, am i missing anything?
Either the 2 parts to the silicone mix or the two for the urethane
Mold release
nondrying clay
mold box

Thanks for ur help.

Just a warning

Unless you are 6 or 8 years old this isn't going to fit on your head, as far as I know.

If it is big enough I will be pleasantly surprised.
ive seen these helmets in stores in display cabinets and even got to pick one up, look at it in awe etc. and they probably would be big enough depending on your head... if you have a normal size head it shoul fit comfortably... But i would definately do more research as to the size of the helmet.(dimensions) and then make your decision.
I have spoken to people who have held it in their hands.... FOR THE LAST TIME IT WON'T FIT!!!

Their exact words: "Yeah, it's too small to wear"

The helmet will have to be enlarged to be wearable... which means that you'lll probably have to mold it to enlarge it, cast it, then clean it up, and mold it again.
its probaly because people have been wondering about that over a year ago when it was announced
Either it'll need a few re-moldings to get the right size, or you'll need to use some Expand It stuff and figure out the ratio for it....
For the money you spend making a mold of it and casting a copy, you could actually save money by buying one of the nice helmets some of the members here make. Armor making supplies aren't cheap.
Yup. This stuff ain't cheap, and molds and stuff wear out eventually.

But if you wanted to do it your self and have bragging rights for having "duped" the "official" Helmet Reproduction, some things are worth the investment.
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