Look Mom! Another Halo 4 Master Chief!


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Hello 405th. So I've been working on the Halo 4 Master Chief for the midnight release for a couple weeks now, and I've actually been cramming to get it done in time for a costume contest on Wednesday. I've been so busy with school,work. and the project that I've had no time to upload any progress pics. I really need to get a better camera, but here's a few.

My friends are so short I actually look like a real sized Spartan.


I was basically painting all day when I got off work yesterday and got the armor just done enough to wear at 9PM. Didn't have time to attach the butt piece, and only added one light on the helmet, but it was a good test run. It fits a lot better than the reach suit and I added buckles on the torso so I can take it on and off easily. The helmet is a little big, I'm going to try to make a smaller one out of foam before November 6th.


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Heyyyyy waaaaitaminute!! I RECOGNIZE THAT THREAD TITLE!!! Idk if your trying to, but that was the original title of my thread for my suit.

Anyway, nice looking suit! Hope your plans work out!


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Yay more pictures!




There was a professional photographer that took a bunch of pics of me, waiting for them to uploaded to the web site.


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Looking at these pictures...I can't believe how well it turned out considering I built the entire thing in 3 weeks. My Reach build took over a year!
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