Looking for some help to do with sourcing a set of 3d files for an aluminium suit


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I'm looking to build myself a "real material" suit from aluminium and steel plate. I am 7"2" and will be building and welding it from aluminium and steel sheet and plate, from around 1mm - 3mm thick. I am wondering if anyone has any templates for a suit i could get plasma cut and i could weld together, post forming. I am a blacksmith so could form it to essentially any shape.

I am looking ideally for a set of Mk. V or Mk. VI Mjolnir armour to either portray Master Chief himself or a Type 1 spartan similar to chief.

What do you guys have and what do you suggest?


P.S. my head size is 65cm circ. (if it helps)


Through an excruciating amount of research on the topic, I came to the conclusion that either sandcasting or cnc was the best way to go on metal suits. Here's a thread regarding 3d printable models of the full suit (Master Chief - Mjolnir - Mark 6 - Halo 3 - 3D printable armor files) which would be the first step if you decide to go that route.

If you're still set on forging the suit, check The Armory for the pepakura, you should be able to create stencils from it for if you're plasma cutting by hand; otherwise I would imagine theres a way to convert a .pdf to be used on plasma cutting machine
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