M6C Magnum (H2)


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Surprise everyone, here's what I've been working on ever since I uploaded the MA5C! I couldn't find a good M6C model so I made one myself.
As usual, its as accurate as possible and contains every polygon in the known universe.
Here are some glamour shots and of course, the .stl file can be found on: CollinMcCaf's Model Repository

**The file titled "Slide", requires a nozzle diameter .2mm or smaller for the details on the safety to print**



Mag-Release Mechanism
From the inside, insert the mag-release button, then place screws in the holes on each side.
Add the mag-release lever and glue/clamp the retainer in place (dry fit it with a clamp first to make sure it moves freely).
Slide a rubber band behind the mag-release lever and hook it on the screws.

Slide Assembly
*The slide had to be made very thin, I recommend casting this piece*
Place a spring over the barrel
Dry fit the barrel and dowel on the receiver, put the slide in place by placing it flat against the receiver and pulling back until the front of the slide hits the barrel breach. The slide should move over top of the barrel breach. Install the slide retainer (the block with two holes in it)

Change Notes:
10/11/18 -
An updated file has been uploaded replacing the original file, if you are using prints from the previous upload, you will need a replacement Slide and Barrel. With minimal bondo-ing the previous receiver should be able to be used.
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curiosity question. I was looking at this actually was going to print it. But the slide assembly when I set it up for print has only one wall. Which I know is going to fail in a most spectacular fashion. Have you tried to print it yet yourself?

Edit Issue addressed
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Edit. Deleted old info being no longer relevant.

I ran a test print of the slide today. I run a .4 nozzle on my hictop and monoprice printers. the Slide printed just fine. The slide at this time requires a fairly large bed to be able to print it. The walls on the slide are just thin enough still that cutting it in two and reassembling it may be a bit tough. I have already spoken to CollinMcCaf about it.

Keep up the good work CollinMcCaf
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