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    I've been asked to put links to all my (3d printable) Halo models in one place.
    This page will be updated with future links (Last updated 01/23/19)


    M6C - Magnum (H2) Build Log: M6C Magnum (H2)
    File: Static version:

    M6D - Magnum (H1) Build Log: M6D Magnum (H1)

    MA5C - Assault Rifle (H3) Build Log: MA5C Assault Rifle (H3)
    Files: Static version: "Functional" version: (last updated 02/15/19)

    EVA Helmet (H3) Build Log: EVA Helmet (H3) (RvB Meta)

    EOD Helmet (H3) Build Log: EOD Helmet (H3)
    File: EOD-Helmet.stl EOD-VisorBuck.stl

    Recon Helmet (H3) Build Log: Recon Helmet (H3)
    File: N/A

    Flagtopper (H5) No Build Log
    H5FlagTopper_F.jpg H5FlagTopper_S.jpg H5FlagTopper_R.jpg

    14.5x114mm (Sniper):
    12.7x40mm (Magnum):
    7.62x51mm (Assault Rifle):

    Current backlog (mostly in order):

    H3 Recon Helmet - In Progress
    H3 M6G Magnum
    Super Secret Project for oniwolf (H3)
    H3ODST Chestplate
    H3 Marine Chestplate
    H3 Rogue
    Another Super Secret Project for oniwolf (H3)
    H4 Recon Helmet (Redone in the "classic halo" style)
    HR BR-55
    H3 BR-55
    Paris Class Frigate
    Charon Class Frigate
    Stalwart Class Frigate
    Halberd Class Destroyer
    Spirit of Fire

    The engineering drawings are like 5 years out:
    H3 Warthog & Engineering Drawing
    H3 Scorpion & Engineering Drawing

    (yes they'll be screen accurate, and they'll certainly function... minus the guns)
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    that's great!
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    You interested in working on the Reach Version of the BR-55. The suppressed Version of my BR-55 is using the halo 5 BR-55 and I would of preferred a Reach model to make it correct.

    Other pieces are beautiful for the record.
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