MA5C Assault Rifle

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Well, here it is, the pretty much finished product for my AR, the only things left to do are the ammo counter. What do you think of it?


i need big help... how do u bend the part so that the ammo counter is like trianguler kind likish. you know this ammo counter is kinda of a triangle right??? so i need help on how to do that
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wats the diff between the MA5B and the MA5B?

i havent played halo 3 enuff to rlly know yet.... so yeah.

well ma5c is longer range. ma5b is not.

ma5c has a longer barrel and is more heavy duty. ma5b is not.

ma5b has 60 rounds in each clip. ma5c has only 32.

ma5c is an improving of the ma5b.

and i know a lot more but ill just say 1 more.

some parts are "improved" in the ma5c for the ma5b. so realy ma5c is ma5b but improved. it also makes diffrent sounds. hoped all this helped to your question :D
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To improve id say... If you look at the ma5c. the front handle itsn 100% flat, and theres 2 section's to it, theres the handle, and the bit behind it thats lower in to the gun. also the handle is more angular/straight and it bends realy squarley. Try making a template 1st.
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