MA5C Assault Rifle

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Seno Ypsamee

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OK guys, I found an awesome MA5C AR .pdo file (for Pepakura) and I'm going to make it to go along with my Pepakura suit.

I plan on printing the Pepakura on standard paper then gluing them to cardboard, then going from there following the regular Pepakura rules.

But, just a second ago it hit me... it's going to be mighty light with just paper, cardboard, and a couple of layers of spray paint, so I was wondering if I should fill the inside up with something, any ideas?

I thought about getting some of that spray foam you use to put into boats to help the float or whatever, would that work?
Spray in foam doesn't weight much at all, it wont really increase the weight to but maybe a pound or two, maybe fill it with rocks if you need a heavier feel... j/k.. maybe buy a steel pipe, cut to length and double it as your barrel, or just hide it on the inside and attach it so it does not rattle around, just and idea...
LastSpartan said:
Fiberglass it, then add something like Bondo inside.

That's actually a brilliant idea! I might try that if I have any fiberglass and bondo left!
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