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hey guys. i'm new here and i'd really like to start building a mjolnir set, but i have a mac and can't run pepakura.

any solutions?
Download the PDF scales and print those out, they are scaled at 22 which should fit a small-average person up to 5'8''.
If i remember correctly, one of the sticky threads had PDF files scaled at 22, look at the official pep download database thread, I think that was it.
found it! i just hit "fit to page" when i printed because i have a very large noggin :p

i'm nowhere near done but it seems like it'll fit perfectly.

the problem now is finding all the other parts of the armor :cautious:

if anyone can help me out with this, i'd be much obliged

EDIT: i just realized how demanding that would be. i am sorry.

thanks for your help guys!
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