Magnet Mounted Weapons

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I just wanted to post about using rare earth magnets for weapon mounts. These magnets are $8.99 each.

I would suggest getting the 1/2" MAGNET (10.7 pound pull force) (pack of 8) or the 1/2" DISK MAGNET(16.0 pound pull force) (pack of 6). If you mounted two on your back, and two in the gun you want to mount, I think it would work fine. Might be to much.

The pull force is between a magnet and a steel plate. So two magnets together might be to hard get the gun off your back (Maybe not though).

What do you guys think? (I'm trying it regardless of what you think :D ).
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Well I havent actually used the magnets but I've been told they can cause warping over time if they are too powerfull. ;)

Thats simply because of either iron or the rare lead powder, or far more commonly iron oxide (Rust) found in most paints. If the magnets are too powerful, they can in fact cause a warp in the thing. The best counter you may be able to do for that, is to place small pieces of rubber right under the magnets, to at least dull the effects.
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