Making Halo 2 Armor (A few pics so far)

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I recently found some clay in my closet, so I decided I wanted to get started and make something. This will be my Armor thread, and I will add pics as I get farther along. I didn't have much clay so I only started on a little bit so far. I'm probably gonna put the hunter idea aside for awhile and try to make some Spartan Armor first. Now this is my first time ever working on something like this, and I'm in highschool if you guys didn't know. This will probably be really hard for me, but I won't give up. I may need some help every once in awhile.

So far I've worked on:
-the hands (not fully done, just got them made out of cardboard and clay)
-shoes (currently working on)

Current things I need help on:

Yeah, thats what I was thinking I wanted. How exactly would I do that? I've heard about moulding before I think, but I never really tried it.
I got some pics of the hand armor, heres the album on my photobucket:

I used my webcam because I couldn't find the cord to my moms digital camera to upload any pics to my computer, so the quality isn't too great. I don't think it is that good but I was just messing around and this is my first time doing something like this. I guess it isn't too bad, though my hands look pretty small. I used Rose art Modeling Clay, and I'm pretty sure its an oil-based clay. Yeah, a little bit of green clay got mixed in with the yellow. I used some table spoons to make the circle indentations, whatever you wanna call them. And I used this Hard Cardboard I got from cutting up binders for these parts:

**Also, those aren't the gloves im gonna use, just an example of what it might look like on a pair of gloves when that part is finished (the size compared to a pair of gloves)

Now How exactly do I mould it? I was gonna try to make the cardboard parts thicker using fiberglass resin after I mould this.
Now what do I do next to finish up that part, anything I need to buy? Don't think clay armor would hold up too good. :lindsey:
well there is a cheap mould you can buy, you get it at a art store its kinda like a paintable latax that you brush on, if you do go that way get some banage colt to put into everyother layer to give it strength so it will not rip
try this site
Yeah, I seen those awhile ago but do you think it would work with clay because the thing he is casting is plastic and he used clay secure the car to the wood and to close the small gaps in between the parting line and the car.
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