Marine Armor other other future build topic by StormSpirit


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Hey guys as things gose now im almost 100% ready to start on my armors only scaleing is last thing i need to learn but for now starting on a marine test helmet just to learn how to do the folds and things like that then ill worry bout sizeing ill post pics when i have more on the helmet done in less you all like seeing sheets of paper lol.

All also use this topics post as only one ill do with plans to post all future works on it less im moved out of here.

Current plan is to make marine armor then ODST fallowed by MC

Just started cutting so theres lots to do on my test run ill post pics when there is more then just cuting done on it xD

Status: small update just started glueing it all so i should have some pics soonish tho i changed what i was doing and cut out a ODST chest plate as it looks like it fits plus my friend really wants a odst so i hopeing it fits us both so i can just make a copy of it with a mold when im done with all that cool resin and detail stuff lol